1910 Holton Collegiate Trombone


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I am selling a 1910 Holton Collegiate trombone in very good condition. I bought this instrument less than two weeks ago off of Reverb.
The trombone is silver-plated with a couple places where the plating has been worn through. I re-polished the trombone soon after I received it. I am looking to get a good price for it or trade it for a used, fair (or poor) condition baritone horn (i.e., Olds Ambassador, King, or other brand.) I am not expecting anything fancy in a trade.

I have listed the aforementioned Holton trombone on the Sweetwater Used Gear website; however, the "category" list doesn't have a "Band and Orchestra: Brass" section, so I had to list it in a category that was likely the farthest thing from "Band and Orchestra" (Keyboards and Synthesizers) to keep the Sweetwater site from telling me that I had typed in an "invalid category" for my instrument.

I am attaching a link to the page I have it listed at:


Note: The trombone is indeed silver plated, but the light from the room contrasted (too much) with the dark blue blanket backdrop, and subsequently made the silver plating much less obvious.