16th May 2004- Flixton Band Announce new MD


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Flixton Band are delighted to announce the appointment of Kevin Gibbs as their new Musical Director.
He is one of the leading trombone players in the country, and brings with him a wealth of experience as both player, and a conductor.
Originally a native of Wales, Kevin now lives in the Manchester area, where he teaches music in a large secondary school.
He recently conducted the band at the Buxton Contest, where after only three rehearsals together, they were placed 4th in the second section. The band, are now looking forward to further successes in the contest field under his direction.
Kevin and the band are now working hard towards a busy concert season, and are also planning a number of exciting projects together.
Kevin, and the members of Flixton Band, would like to express their thanks to Peter Lockett, for conducting the band whilst they were looking for a permanent Musical Director. Peter will now return to playing in the bass section of the band.
Flixton band would also like to thank those people who expressed an interest in the vacancy.

For further news and information about the band visit www.flixtonband.org.uk


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Note to Lynchie.......Join a band that isnt conducted by a trombone player!! Would make your life a lot easier :wink:


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I tried, but he left and they replaced him with this guy!

It's almost scary sometimes how much he's like Chris... he's even used the immortal words "I think we should do a bit of singing in this one..."

Problem is, I think the conductor of Warwick uni band is a trombone player as well... so that's at least another 4 years till I'm free!!!


I was going to post a good luck message on here for Kev.. but he doesnt need luck :D . A great musician and im looking forward to conducting against him in the coming months and next year :D .

Congratulations to band and conductor :D .


well i know as their new rep player at flixton that with kevin leading us it will be apth to victory for the band which is what we deseerve!! just wtach out hehehe here i come and thats scary enough!!!

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