15 June 2003 --> Gala Theatre Durham


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hello everyone! is anyone in the durham area on this date? (15th June)

if so, you're in for a treat! to Celebrate the opening of the new brass studies centre in durham, there will be a concert as part of the durham brass festival.

if one was to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity, they could expect to see such stars as NEILTWIST(! wow I hear you say), and a few other members of tMP (for example BoozyBTrom).

The concert will consist of:

The University of Durham Brass Band

Accompanying Roger Webster at some point.

The Ever Ready Band

Also Accompanied by Roger Webster, playing Torstein Agaard Nielsen's Cornet Concerto!

Ps, watch this space for more info. or more likely the not so space below. :wink:


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I'll not be there cos I hate listening to brass bands but might turn up after the concert for a few gallon with Gareth and a chance to wind up Les (ERSop and 512 times NE champions) :D

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