10th Annual GCBB in Review


The tenth annual Grand Celelbration of Brass Bands was held Saturday, June 19th at Usher's Ferry Historical Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous as crowds with their law chairs assembled to hear the Eastern Iowa Brass Band, Prairie Brass Band and Illinois Brass band present 2 different concerts each throughout the day. (we managed to cover quite a handful of literature in 6 hours of performance.) There were many fine performances, but mostly it was great fun for bander and band fans alike. The concerts were capped by a Massed Band performance, wherein each conductor took up the baton(and ascended the ladder) to lead a band numbering almost 100.Peter Lipari of IBB lead God Bless the USA, Earle Dickinson of EIBB lead Seventy-six Trombones and Dallas Niermeyer of PBB lead Stars and Stripes Forever.

For the banders the evening continued with food and beverage and a chance for some commraderie including the traditional top 10 list and drawing of prizes including the famous Rum Cakes.

If anyone's going to be in Eastern Iowa next year, the 11th annual GCBB will be held June 18th and everyone's invited.


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Glad to hear you had another fantastic event. I'll have to make it out there sometime. What's the closest airport, and how far is it?

Thanks again for the info.


The closest airposrt is Cedar Rapids (CID) aka Eastern Iowa Airport, (you'd have to connect from columbus, direct from Cincy....) 15 minutes to the venue.

I'm sure we could find you a place to bunk for the weekend, some cold beer and maybe even a chair to sit in with us if you want to play.....maybe in exchange for a burger from Thurman's?????


Ah, yes the issue of invitations. I will place you on the list with our event coordinator. I think we're always torn between wanting more bands following our established format of 2 concerts per band. We're also always torn between inviting our old friends and inviting new ones. We've hosted a couple of bands from across the atlantci to stay with us before, but they've never come expressly for our celebration.

Personally speaking, I'd love to see you come, so I'll make the suggestion to extend an invitation.

Let's see, if I want a burger from Thurman's in Columbus, want would I want from Scotland.....or should I say how many bottles......? :wink:

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