In a couple of year's time St Gennys Silver Band will be 100 years young. As Band Secretary I have the dubious honour of ensuring that this event does not go unnoticed.

I guess there must be one or two TmPers who have experienced band anniversary celebrations, so what did you do (apart from spending too long in the bar)?

Any ideas we can copy? We are a non marching band (the hills round here are 1:5) and have one or two bits of silver from local contests. So I guess a Concert is a starter, and probably a buffet/dinner/disco or some sort of social activity.

Someone suggested a CD, but how do you arrange copyright or whatever?

Anyone any other ideas?

Alan Lafferty

Secretary, St Gennys Silver Band
Organiser, Bude Metric Brass

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If you've had quite a few young players who have left over the years, inviting them all back for a massed band concert could work... don't know about the cd, but someone will!


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It's our 150th anniversary this year and we've been through the same process as you are currently undertaking. I would point you at this page on our website to see some details about what we are doing. Also have a look at our what's on page as there are some details there that I haven't updated to the main page yet.

The biggest factor in arranging any celebration is cost so budget well and make sure you get the full support of your band members otherwise everything will fall on the shoulders of a few individuals.


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For it's 150th Anniversary, Deiniolen arranged a celebratory concert, a special dinner with ex and current members and also published a book on the band's history.

For our 170th Anniversary next year, we have started to gather suggestions - doubtless there'll be another concert and dinner, but we're hoping to release our second CD to coincide with the occassion, and hopefully we can publish an update to the book detailing the 20 years since the first book was published.

Bradwell Silver Band celebrated their 100th Aniversary back in 2001 and we had a fantastic year. We undertook the following events:

Aniversary brochure: Brief history of the band, article by longest serving player, events for year

Church Service: A dedication service to the band on the day of our aniversary. All local community invited including MP and Mayor. A reception held after service with birthday cake and presentations to all band members.

Concert: with guest soloist Alan Morrisson. Invited all ex members to play in 2nd half of concert as massed band. Proceeds split between local charities

Recording: Titled Centenary Brass

Foreign Tour to Belgium

Formal sit down meal at end of year.

The band did undertake alot of events which had been organised well in advance. Also I agree budgetting for these events is important. Proceeds from previous Christmas collections was allotted to aniversary fund.

Just some idea,s that may help.

Many congratulations on reaching your centenary and have an enjoyable year.

Brian Keech

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