£1m for a brass band

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On a not dissimilar subject, a while ago I looked up hotels in Harrogate.

Google has now got me weighed up and despite no longer requiring a hotel, it seems Google thinks differently and so every other page on t'interent keeps trying to pimp me to come stay in Harrogate.

Maybe if you buy the CD Google might then stop annoying you?!
So you booked a hotel in Harrogate, not? Then, if Google tells me to, I suppose I'd better buy a CD :rolleyes: (couldn't find a 'flying pig' smiley)


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Jealousy, rage, fun call it what you want...For christs sake let it rest.
The programmes have happened..enough said
The cd has happened enough said
I thought we were a friendly lot in the brass band fraternity.Obviously not.

Hi Jethro, it may feel that you are in a bit of a storm here but in fairness what did you expect?
  • Most of the posts have been positive
  • - some negative views expressed about the content of the CD (from brass banders you were always going to get that based on the choice)
  • some good comments regarding the commercial aspects of the choice (clearly vindicated by your chart entry).
  • a nice discussion about left handed tubas and how it looked better on the album cover
  • considerable comment about how your band and the rest of banding was portrayed by the first 2 programmes
  • some comments regarding an incident at Bradford - some people were there and some other not nice things happened too
As Wherry says it is a brass band discussion forum, its going to be discussed. You appear to be a one man representative of Dinnington apart from one newly registered member who set about 3 established members in their first 5 posts. I can imagine it's difficult not to want to fight your band's corner (didn't Sue suggest that was what you were going to do in the first programme?) 30 years service with the same outfit is to be applauded and if your band comes out the other end of the tv-mincer intact and stronger for it (possibly richer) then well done.


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About a week. Decca used a mobile studio @ the Lyric Theatre Dinnington. A clic track was recorded which was played back to record each section individually, it was then mixed in the studio to give the finished article.


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See the same record company has now awarded a £1million recording deal to Port Issac's Fishermans Friends (I'm sure there's some sort of joke about that ;))

Anyway as there are so many of these record deals around anyone know where I can get a set of Polynsian nose flutes - be a heck of a video though :biggrin:


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but it hardly gave the impression that it was carried out in the manner as per the Charity Commission's model constitution for charitable associations (Dinnington Band is registered as a charity)..
You make the assumption that they use the model constitution - my band is also a charity and doesn't use it for one simple reason - our constitution is based on the trust deed which established the band as a charity years before the commission had even thought of a model constitution. As Dinnington have been around a while, I would suspect they are in the a similar position.
I don't also suppose we saw the full story around the sacking (which the above quote was about - I chose only to review the complete thread after watching the final installment) - it took but a few minutes out of a one hour show.


Well that last episode was brilliant, wasn't it. I don't care how formulaic and edited to the narrative it was, it was very uplifting, especially the Grand finale with Grimethorpe at the end. Well done Dinnington.


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Yep but this is from the newspaper they have to GIVE away, the most shoddily put together pile of wanna-be toilet roll on the planet.


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metro said:
Perhaps a red letter day in the world of brass banding but of zero interest to anyone else

I don't know about anybody else's views on this, but I thought the series had the makings of a good soap opera format. We have the characters, the storyline & the chance to introduce other banding themes into the production format.


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Wonder if this (http://www.metro.co.uk/metrolife/818598-a-band-for-britain-doesnt-hit-the-right-notes) is how the public at large feel? We're on a hiding to nothing if they do.

For some it will be. I guess that for some the reviews comment that "A bunch of people playing trumpets just isn’t exciting" about sums up the attitude. One could just as easily dismiss a documentary about the LSO as "posh folks playing strings" if music has no interest to you.

However, many people think that music is a fantastic thing, and hopefully this programme will have reminded/introduced them just how great a brass band can sound.
If just 1% of the audience are inspired to go and see and band this summer, or just 0.01% pick up an instrument not played for 10 years, and some of them turn up at bandrooms throughout the country then we'll all have somthing to smile about.

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You make the assumption that they use the model constitution - my band is also a charity and doesn't use it for one simple reason - our constitution is based on the trust deed which established the band as a charity years before the commission had even thought of a model constitution.
I refer you to Section 8 of that model constitution. It is based on the rules of natural justice. If a band is an unincorporated association (regardless of whether or not it is a charity) and their constitution hasn't got something very similar in it, I suggest it might be a good idea to review it. Could just save problems, should it be necessary to dismiss anyone.

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"A bunch of people blowing trumpets is just not that interesting."

Someone tell me which part of that sentence to correct first. I don't know where to start....

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