1. J

    Yamaha Yrc-8335 G Silver XENO Professional Cornet With ALLAINCE SOP Plus M/p

    Yamaha Yrc-8335 G Silver XENO Professional Cornet With ALLAINCE SOP Plus M/p On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Yamaha-Yrc-8335-G-Silver-XENO-Professional-Cornet-With-ALLAINCE-SOP-Plus-M-p/15027705953?
  2. J

    Yamaha Silver Plated Cornet 4330G

    Yamaha Silver Plated Cornet 4330G On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Silver-Plated-Cornet-4330G/123784530750?
  3. J

    Cornet Yamaha 4330g Silver

    Cornet Yamaha 4330g Silver On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cornet-Yamaha-4330g-Silver/283441860676?
  4. J

    Yamaha Ycr 6330 II Cornet

    Yamaha Ycr 6330 II Cornet On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Ycr-6330-II-Cornet/333180481027?
  5. J

    Yamaha YCR-2330III Bb Cornet Goldlacquer

    Yamaha YCR-2330III Bb Cornet Goldlacquer On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-YCR-2330III-Bb-Cornet-Goldlacquer-Used/143186806372?
  6. J

    Yamaha YCR8620S Xeno Eb Soprano Cornet - Silver Plated

    Yamaha YCR8620S Xeno Eb Soprano Cornet - Silver Plated On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-YCR8620S-Xeno-Eb-Soprano-Cornet-Silver-Plated-used-instrument/233150234149?
  7. J

    Yamaha YBB-201WC Full Size Tuba in Lacquer

    Yamaha YBB-201WC Full Size Tuba in Lacquer On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-YBB-201WC-Full-Size-Tuba-in-Lacquer/362498415171?
  8. J

    Yamaha Xeno YCR8335 Bb Cornet

    Yamaha Xeno YCR8335 Bb Cornet On Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Xeno-YCR8335-Bb-Cornet-Lacquer-Refurbished-Instrument/263858371273?
  9. A

    Wanted - Yamaha Flugel Horn

    I am looking for a second hand Yamaha 631g (maestro) flugel horn. If you have one gathering dust or surplus to requirements please let me know. Money saved, ready and waiting! Although a Yamaha is preferred, I would consider other makes and models. Drop me a message! Thank you for looking...
  10. B

    John Packer 371

    Hi has anyone had any experience playing the John Packer 371 cornet? I own a 271 which I’m thinking might be too narrow a bore for me. (I play front row cornet). Ideally I would like a Yamaha Neo as i didn’t like the Soverigns. But I don’t think I can stretch to one. The 371 is exactly the same...
  11. S

    Free Youth Masterclass Supported by Yamaha

    Bradwell Silver Band pride ourselves in supporting the growth of brass banding and together with Boobs and Brass we take this opportunity to invite all brass and percussion players age 18 and under to attend a free masterclass supported by Yamaha, 30th September 2017 11am to 1pm. Yamaha...
  12. S

    Breast Cancer Charity Concert - Bradwell Silver Band & Boobs and Brass

    On 30th September 2017, Milton Keynes will be host to Internationally renowned all-female band, Boobs & Brass in a joint concert with Bradwell Silver Band. Bringing together female players from across the country the band will showcase big-band numbers, raising money for Cancer Research in the...
  13. E

    Sold/Expired Stolen instruments

    Hi , this equipment was STOLEN from my house during a burglary in Headington, Oxford on May 19th, 2017: - Fender Jazz Bass American 1976 original vintage. Black colour. Came with a TG soft gig bag. SERIAL NUMBER 7632459 -Yamaha APX acoustic guitar. Came with a "Sergio Tomassone" soft gig bag...
  14. DanBridgey

    Sold/Expired Yamaha yeb632uk maestro Eb bass for sale

    I have decided to sell my maestro as it just doesn't get the love and playing time it deserves anymore. I bought it brand new for £5999. It will need a service as I haven't played it for a while and it's most likely the valves will have seized. I am open to realistic offers. I am selling to...
  15. sudcornet

    Sold/Expired Yamaha 6335H Bb Trumpet for sale.

    Selling my Yamaha 6335H Bb Trumpet. Approx. 1993. Excellent condition (no dings, a few small scratches). Comes in a Yamaha double case and includes Yamaha 16C4-GP (Orchestral) and Vincent Bach 7EW (Jazz/Swing) mouthpieces. £850 + postage.
  16. C

    Do Yamaha mpcs usually wobble in Besson Sovereigns?

    I recently bought a second hand short shank Yamaha mouthpiece to use with my Besson Sovereign cornet. The mouthpiece doesn't seem to fit and wobbles. I have tried it in a couple of other sovereigns and had the same result. Do some brands just not fit? Thank you
  17. D

    Sold/Expired WANTED - Yamaha "Pro" Cornet

    Hi, I am looking for a clean, well maintained Yamaha Maestro/Xeno/Neo preferably with a gold brass bell and in silver plate. Budget for the horn is around £800 - £900, however exceptions could be made for the "right" instrument. Regards, David
  18. P

    Sold/Expired Yamaha YSH-301 Sousaphone for sale (Berkshire)

    In very good condition. Bought new by the wind band I play with just over 10 years ago (lottery grant) and now surplus to requirements. Currently in Woodley (near Reading, Berkshire) if you want to give it a try. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions (07909 901391) or email me...