whit friday

  1. A

    Bass Player needed Whit Friday 2018 - Northop Silver Band

    Hi, For various reasons we, Northop Silver Band, now find ourselves needing a bass player for tomorrow's Whit Friday marches. Eb or Bb flavour - current players will move to accommodate. If anyone can help, please contact me here or contact Northop Silver Band via their Facebook page.
  2. A

    3 players require band for Whit Fridays

    Our band has decided last minute not to complete at the Whit Friday marches leaving myself and 2 others looking for a band (preferably travelling from or around the Northampton area). We currently play the following instruments in the Championship section: Horn Euphonium Baritone If any band...
  3. Euphonium Lite

    Whit Friday help wanted

    East Coast Brass (S3) need a front row cornet - looking to do 6 + villages in Saddleworth, we have a reasonable track record at WF results wise, but do keep it lighthearted too. March likely to be The Contestor
  4. BrianT

    Wantage Band require euph/bari player for Whit Friday

    The Wantage Muppets, a very mixed group of players from Wantage Band, Oxon, UK, are taking on the complete Whit Friday experience: morning parade for Greenfield Methodists, starting with ‘Hail Smiling Morn’ at 8.30am Saddleworth contests (easy Rimmer march) in the evening. Accommodation at the...
  5. M

    Soprano for Whit Friday (Tintwistle Band, 1st Section)

    Friday 20th May. We are seeking a Soprano player on this Whit Friday Contest. We are doing Saddleworth this year and playing O.R.B. If anyone is interested please contact the band via the website. www.tintwistleband.co.uk Thanks
  6. Euphonium Lite

    East Coast Brass (LSC 3rd Section 2016) Vacancies

    East Coast Brass, based in Dereham, Norfolk (NR19) are looking for the following players for the Area Contest at Stevenage & Beyond Front Row Cornet (x 1) Euphonium (x1) Percussion (x1) During the course of the year, the band do Butlins, the Area (this year on Sunday 20 March), Whit Friday...