1. busman

    Choosing an Eb Tuba (Bass)

    Hi all My first post so please be kind! Looking to buy a tuba for my daughter. She is currently playing a single Bb that is over 100 years old, leant to her by the band. They are talking about moving her on to Eb and happy for this as she is soon to start playing in the school symphonia and I...
  2. Highams

    Sold/Expired Thibouville-Lamy E flat Tuba for sale

    Early 1900's brass E flat 3 valve tuba by Thibouville-Lamy. In very good condition for its age, blowing with an even tone at modern pitch A440. Fully serviced, no case, supplied with period mouthpiece but using a modern small shank one vastly improves it. Engraving on bell reads; "Hons...
  3. mr_nismo

    Derwent Brass - Principal Tuba - Midlands, Championship

    Derwent Brass invites application for Principal Eb Tuba Derwent Brass prides itself on maintaining a high playing standard in the Championship Section and sporting a full membership, whilst upholding a reputation for being a professional, modern and friendly band. We dedicate to one quality...