1. Albert Hall

    Workshop/Master Class in Switzerland for trumpeters/trombonists on Lead/Jazz/Latin by Gabriel Rosati

    AUGUST 17 & 18 2019 Lead player, author of 16 books and trumpeter/trombonist awarded at the Global Music Awards 2018, with the "Dean Martin" prize 2014 and "Best Jazz" nomination (Orange County Music Awards 2008 - California) The workshop is focused on embouchure approach to lead playing...
  2. B

    Want to learn a brass instrument

    So, I want to learn to play trumpet. The problem here is that I don't have any teachers or anything of that sort in my area, I basically live in a really small city in a 3rd world country. I'm still a minor and can't live anywhere else at the moment, although I plan to in the future. How can I...
  3. TrumpetNick

    Updated/converted my website

    I don't now how relevant is to put this here, but recently I realised that my old website (flash based) is not working anymore. So I had to convert it in html and update it. It still doesn't work on 100% as it is supposed (sometimes the audio files do not start immediatly) but mostly is...
  4. JeuNaturel

    Sold/Expired Jeunaturel wooden trumpet mouthpiece 1C

    trumpet mouthpiece 1c jeunaturel wood jeunaturel JeuNaturel beech wood trumpet mouthpiece 1C This model produces a rich, dense tone and has a great projection, it is designed to be very agile moving through harmonics, with easy chops and easy high pitch register .The generous rim will...
  5. sudcornet

    Sold/Expired Yamaha 6335H Bb Trumpet for sale.

    Selling my Yamaha 6335H Bb Trumpet. Approx. 1993. Excellent condition (no dings, a few small scratches). Comes in a Yamaha double case and includes Yamaha 16C4-GP (Orchestral) and Vincent Bach 7EW (Jazz/Swing) mouthpieces. £850 + postage.
  6. Louise Martin


    I've been playing trumpet/cornet for the past 6 years with school and brass bands. I did my first year of my bachelor's degree last year but I don't feel studying is for me (I'm deferring at the moment but have no intention of going back) but I still enjoy playing. I'm playing with a brass band...
  7. Gospel dogs

    Brass section wanted for rock n soul band (Leeds)

    Do you enjoy getting people up and dancing? Enjoy being in a band? Love Rock, Blues & Soul music? We require a brass section to add that extra dimension & complete the line up. We're not going to be just one of 'those' bands that trot out the same old songs over and over, we're gonna cover...
  8. C

    Cornet & Trumpet Mouthpieces

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of a cornet mouthpiece that is similar to the Yamaha 11B4 Trumpet mouth piece? My cornet came with a Denis Wick 4B but I prefer the size and shape of the Yamaha. Having something similar will also make switching between the two easier. I have found a...