tenor trombone

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    Any advice on new Bb Trombone?

    Hi all, My ~18 year old student model bach trombone has finally packed in. Inconvenient time seeing as going to be hard to try out new 'bones given the ongoing c-word. Any advice would be much appreciated! I play 1st trombone in 3rd section brass band, but occasionally do wind orchestra as...
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    Bradwell Silver Band - 2nd Trombone vacancy

    Bradwell Silver Band is a friendly, 4th section L&SC band based in Milton Keynes. We have a rare opportunity of a vacancy in our trombone section. We rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and have a sensible engagement list which includes contesting. Interested? Contact MD Brian Keech on...
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    Trombone bore size

    Please help! I love the Jet tone small shank mouthpiece, but I am needing a larger trombone for orchestral playing. I have found a Courtois medium bore instrument that I could buy and it should fit my small shank mouthpiece - but will it have as good a sound as the larger bore instruments...