tenor horn

  1. TimOnPiano

    Tenor Horn for a Beginner

    I'm looking for advice regarding a first tenor horn. In the past I played 1 year on tuba and 3 on F horn (with the mouthpiece of a concert French horn but bell forward and with piston valves). I played oboe during my school years and the program required me to double during the marching season...
  2. R

    Tenor horn duet and Brass Band

    Does anyone know of a duet for tenor horn + tenor horn and Brass Band? Seems a bit difficult to find on the web. Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  3. Suzi Q

    Round stamp, wide bore?

    One day I want to buy myself a nice tenor horn, I use a band instrument at the moment. I’ve been looking around (dreaming!) and have noticed some terms I really don’t understand. What does ‘round stamp’ and ‘large bore’ actually mean? What’s the difference? What’s your preferance and why? And...
  4. A

    Sold/Expired Instument Swap/Part Exchange - Tenor Horn for Flugel

    I've stopped playing in brass bands but have recently starting doing some stuff with other groups. I've decided to let go of my B&H Sovereign tenor horn as sadly it is no longer being used. It's a early 1980s roundstamp model, fantastic instrument and still very highly sought after. However...
  5. S

    Looking for wisdom of my elders...

    At least my brass playing elders... Through no fault of my own, I've become a tenor horn player. I'm reasonably certain that I'm the only one for a hundred miles, and I might be the only one for several hundred miles. I've played saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and violin at various times, but...
  6. S

    Sold/Expired Help with Tenor Horn gig cases.

    Hello, I currently have a Besson Soverign Tenor Horn and am looking into purchasing a gig bag. There is no set budget-am happy to buy an expensive case as long as its good quality and will last and protect my instrument! Ideally I need some space in it to carry music and a back/shoulder strap...