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    Round Stamp Sovereign Soprano E flat cornet

    Round Stamp Sovereign Soprano E flat cornet On Ebay
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    Cornet valve port alignment woes Quality Control?

    I have been having real problems playing Cornet over the past few years. I was principal Cornet for 20 years in our village Band and played Besson cornets, the "Imperial Besson" predecessor to the 700, then my own Sovereign possibly a 921, and then a 927. More recently I have mainly conducted...
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    New Cornet?

    Hi, I currently play on a Besson Sovereign Cornet that I loan from a band. I have been looking into getting a new one, A: so that it is mine; and B: because it is old (not that I disagree with the fact that older instruments can have a nice tone), from the time when Besson 'threw' the cornets...
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    Do Yamaha mpcs usually wobble in Besson Sovereigns?

    I recently bought a second hand short shank Yamaha mouthpiece to use with my Besson Sovereign cornet. The mouthpiece doesn't seem to fit and wobbles. I have tried it in a couple of other sovereigns and had the same result. Do some brands just not fit? Thank you