1. G

    Yamaha Neo Eb Soprano Cornet

    Yamaha Neo Eb Soprano cornet for sale. This is one of the best playing soprano cornets on the market - some say it's better than the Schilke. This horn is in virtually new condition - not a scratch on it. Valves and slides work great. Includes a hard case. Click on this link to open a...
  2. Squeaker

    Soprano dep

    Hi. I play sop in the Yorkshire championship section. I'm available to dep for jobs. Drop me a line.
  3. K

    Anyone selling a Sparx 4E cornet mouthpiece?

    Please message me.
  4. V

    Ross Town Band fresh start

    Ross Town Band has just appointed a new MD and is looking for players in all sections. We are a non-contesting, non-marching band that is serious about making music in a friendly atmosphere for the enjoyment and entertainment of both the players and the people of Ross. The band welcomes players...
  5. Crotchet Burner

    Advice on instrument change

    Greetings bandspeople I have been playing soprano for a long time now with a couple of bands (4th section). I would like to play Eb Bass with another band. Is this a good idea? Is it possible to play both? I'm in my 60s if that's any help. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. 1

    SA Rangefinder sop.

    I think there's been posts before for these. Im posting for somebody who is after the Rangefinder mouthpiece for sop to replace an old one that can't be saved. Anybody got one to sell, get in touch with a price. Thanks all
  7. M

    Soprano Player - Tintwistle Band

    Tintwistle Brass Band are seeking a Soprano player. We are a good standard 1st Section band based on the borders of Derbyshire/Cheshire. We therefore complete in the Midlands Areas but are close by to the North West Bands. List of jobs this year include: Hatherlow Concert; Whit Friday; Low...
  8. M

    Soprano for Whit Friday (Tintwistle Band, 1st Section)

    Friday 20th May. We are seeking a Soprano player on this Whit Friday Contest. We are doing Saddleworth this year and playing O.R.B. If anyone is interested please contact the band via the website. Thanks
  9. sunshine

    Soprano cornet and Bass players required, Corby Silver Band

    Our current soprano player has expressed a wish to return back to the tenor horn section of our band, and so we are looking to find a replacement soprano player to join our friendly and successful contesting band in time for the Leicestershire BBA contest in November. We are also currently...
  10. J

    Sold/Expired Schilke soprano for sale

    Excellent sop, about 20 years old-from the heydays of schilke owned by me from new, lovingly cared for. Plays like a dream, excellent condition, beryllium bell, just a couple of small areas where the plating's worn a bit thin on the valve casings- insignificant. I've not touched it other than to...