1. Squeaker

    Second hand instrument repair tools.

    Hi. I'm looking for anybody who has second hand instrument repairs tools they are looking to sell. Contact me to let you know what you have. Thanks.
  2. Duncan

    Sold/Expired Secondhand Music for Sale

    Due to a lack of storage space, my band are looking to sell some pieces from the library. There are around 300 pieces in all, a variety of test and concert pieces from the early to mid 20th Century. Please PM me if you would like to see a list of music available, and would like to make an offer...
  3. westoe_horn

    Sold/Expired Looking for a second-hand Flugel

    Due to work and life commitments I am not getting the chance to play in a band at the moment. I am a horn player but I've had a think and have decided that I'm going to look for a second-hand flugel to practice at home, just to have some fun and try something a bit different. So if anyone has...
  4. D

    New Smith Watkins Cornet?

    Does anyone know of a place to find a second-hand Smith-Watkins Professional K2 Cornet on the internet?