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    Schilke Soprano Cornet with beryllium bell

    Schilke Soprano Cornet with beryllium bell On Ebay
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    Schilke Eb Soprano Cornet

    Schilke Eb Soprano Cornet On Ebay
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    Yamaha Neo Eb Soprano Cornet

    Yamaha Neo Eb Soprano cornet for sale. This is one of the best playing soprano cornets on the market - some say it's better than the Schilke. This horn is in virtually new condition - not a scratch on it. Valves and slides work great. Includes a hard case. Click on this link to open a...
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    Sold/Expired Schilke soprano for sale

    Excellent sop, about 20 years old-from the heydays of schilke owned by me from new, lovingly cared for. Plays like a dream, excellent condition, beryllium bell, just a couple of small areas where the plating's worn a bit thin on the valve casings- insignificant. I've not touched it other than to...