1. J

    New to British Brass World

    Hi, I am Juergen, grew up (musically speaking) in a German town band of 50 where my father still plays trombone, starting with trombone at the age of 12. I spent some time in the Early Music scene playing baroque trombones, and then had some time off, after coming to Britain. I restarted...
  2. D

    Which Flugelhorn

    Hi, Upon looking on various websites, I have found a variety of Flugels that people seem to have very different views upon. With the outlook of a frequent player (and a view to play for many years to come), what would people's advice be on a decent Flugel. There is a secondhand bach 183 for...
  3. Watford Band

    Sold/Expired New Unused Brayshaw Burgundy Blazers

    New unused jackets. Gold buttons - 2 for single breasted fastening and 4 on each cuff. Double vent at back. Can send pictures via email if required. 2 x 40" 2 x 36" £20 each plus postage of about £3.35, Can combine postage if purchasing more then one.
  4. D

    New Cornet?

    Hi, I currently play on a Besson Sovereign Cornet that I loan from a band. I have been looking into getting a new one, A: so that it is mine; and B: because it is old (not that I disagree with the fact that older instruments can have a nice tone), from the time when Besson 'threw' the cornets...
  5. Somewhat Broken

    Sold/Expired Somewhat Broken Music Publishers

    New Brass Band Publisher Somewhat Broken Music is a new publishing company, set up by composer Benjamin Tubb, specialising in original music for brass bands to entertain your audiences. We publish original compositions as well as high quality arrangements for both types of ensembles. We publish...