1. Duncan

    Sold/Expired Secondhand Music for Sale

    Due to a lack of storage space, my band are looking to sell some pieces from the library. There are around 300 pieces in all, a variety of test and concert pieces from the early to mid 20th Century. Please PM me if you would like to see a list of music available, and would like to make an offer...
  2. A


    Is anyone on spotify and if so is there much brass band music available?
  3. satchmo101

    James Cook - Sop Part

    Hi all, Anyone have sop part we could borrow for our rehearsal tonight? Have a chap coming down especially for rehearsal and bit of a cock up on the sop pad front. At the risk of baiting the copyright police a scan would be ideal - we have our own purchased copy - just not for tonight. cheers...
  4. A

    Slow Melody Practice Music

    Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a book of 10+ slow melodies that I can play during my practice routine to focus on tone and breathing as an alternative to the usual exercise books (Clarke, Collins, Arban etc). I'm not looking for anything particularly difficult, just slow, melodic and plenty...
  5. Somewhat Broken

    Sold/Expired Somewhat Broken Music Publishers

    New Brass Band Publisher Somewhat Broken Music is a new publishing company, set up by composer Benjamin Tubb, specialising in original music for brass bands to entertain your audiences. We publish original compositions as well as high quality arrangements for both types of ensembles. We publish...