1. mr_tuba

    Croydon Brass, London, 4th section, Solo Cornet vacancy

    I have just taken over as MD of Croydon Brass ~ Tonight! and the first of my three wishes is for two solo cornet players ~ we're not looking for stars (although I wouldn't turn them away). Just regular reliable cornet players to come along to Thornton Heath on a Monday evening Croydon Brass
  2. Duncan

    Sold/Expired Secondhand Music for Sale

    Due to a lack of storage space, my band are looking to sell some pieces from the library. There are around 300 pieces in all, a variety of test and concert pieces from the early to mid 20th Century. Please PM me if you would like to see a list of music available, and would like to make an offer...
  3. listerbo

    Brass band music - London

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of Brass Band music in London? Thanks