1. J

    Olds Long Cornet in Lacquer

    Olds Long Cornet in Lacquer On Ebay
  2. R

    Sold/Expired Antoine Courtois 181 EEb Bass Tuba

    EEb bass tuba made by Antoine Courtois OVERVIEW 4 piston valves (3+1) with compensating system. Bore: 19mm; Compensation 20mm. Bell: 475mm. Finish: Brass (with clear lacquer). Made in France. Approximately 13-16 years old. Serial No.: 80220 Very good playing condition - free blowing, solid...
  3. Emb_Enh

    Sold/Expired Bach CR310 Cornet for sale Lac (GC) - Offers?

    It's only been used about 3 times ... am a pro trumpeter who owns it 'just in case' ... Frank Renton never phoned :( Am open to any reasonable offers over £140 (I pay post)... Lacquer is near perfect (small fading inside of bell from stand) Plays fine... Valves good... Solid case... 4B wick...
  4. S

    Sold/Expired BE928 GS Rose Brass Cornet

    Sadly, as I'm no longer playing due to excessive work commitments, I've decided to sell my beloved cornet. It is currently up for sale on eBay and the link is shown below: Besson Sovereign 928GS B flat Cornet (lacquer and Rose Brass) + Many Extras | eBay Thank you Steve