1. Albert Hall

    Masterclass for brass instruments by Gabriel Rosati [breathing/embouchure/improvisation/lead]

    March 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th 2020. In several cities of the Nederlands Los Angeles based trumpeter and trombonist Gabriel Oscar Rosati, author of many music books (Mel Bay, Colin, Hal Leonard, Music Minus One) is teaching Workshops to brass students. Open to all age and levels. Gabriel...
  2. Albert Hall

    Workshop/Master Class in Switzerland for trumpeters/trombonists on Lead/Jazz/Latin by Gabriel Rosati

    AUGUST 17 & 18 2019 Lead player, author of 16 books and trumpeter/trombonist awarded at the Global Music Awards 2018, with the "Dean Martin" prize 2014 and "Best Jazz" nomination (Orange County Music Awards 2008 - California) The workshop is focused on embouchure approach to lead playing...
  3. E

    Sold/Expired Stolen instruments

    Hi , this equipment was STOLEN from my house during a burglary in Headington, Oxford on May 19th, 2017: - Fender Jazz Bass American 1976 original vintage. Black colour. Came with a TG soft gig bag. SERIAL NUMBER 7632459 -Yamaha APX acoustic guitar. Came with a "Sergio Tomassone" soft gig bag...
  4. Dave S

    Sold/Expired For Sale: Edwards dual bore jazz trombone

    Edwards T302-2 dual bore (.500/.508) jazz trombone. Lightweight nickel slide (9.9/10), medium weight 7 3/4" brass bell, rose brass tuning slide, nickel neck pipe, 4 leadpipes (including slightly modified Brass Ark seamed copper 32H pipe), Amado water key, Marcus Bonna case. This...
  5. S

    Warm Tone On Trombone Tips?

    So I've been playing Euphonium for 3 years and play it in most of my high school bands and my wind orchestra outside of school. I now double on trombone to play for my school's jazz band. Currently I'm having trouble in producing a nice tone. When I record myself, the trombone sounds like a...