1. Albert Hall

    Workshop/Master Class in Switzerland for trumpeters/trombonists on Lead/Jazz/Latin by Gabriel Rosati

    AUGUST 17 & 18 2019 Lead player, author of 16 books and trumpeter/trombonist awarded at the Global Music Awards 2018, with the "Dean Martin" prize 2014 and "Best Jazz" nomination (Orange County Music Awards 2008 - California) The workshop is focused on embouchure approach to lead playing...
  2. E

    Sold/Expired Stolen instruments

    Hi , this equipment was STOLEN from my house during a burglary in Headington, Oxford on May 19th, 2017: - Fender Jazz Bass American 1976 original vintage. Black colour. Came with a TG soft gig bag. SERIAL NUMBER 7632459 -Yamaha APX acoustic guitar. Came with a "Sergio Tomassone" soft gig bag...
  3. Dave S

    Sold/Expired For Sale: Edwards dual bore jazz trombone

    Edwards T302-2 dual bore (.500/.508) jazz trombone. Lightweight nickel slide (9.9/10), medium weight 7 3/4" brass bell, rose brass tuning slide, nickel neck pipe, 4 leadpipes (including slightly modified Brass Ark seamed copper 32H pipe), Amado water key, Marcus Bonna case. This...
  4. S

    Warm Tone On Trombone Tips?

    So I've been playing Euphonium for 3 years and play it in most of my high school bands and my wind orchestra outside of school. I now double on trombone to play for my school's jazz band. Currently I'm having trouble in producing a nice tone. When I record myself, the trombone sounds like a...