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  1. R

    Sold/Expired Antoine Courtois 181 EEb Bass Tuba

    EEb bass tuba made by Antoine Courtois OVERVIEW 4 piston valves (3+1) with compensating system. Bore: 19mm; Compensation 20mm. Bell: 475mm. Finish: Brass (with clear lacquer). Made in France. Approximately 13-16 years old. Serial No.: 80220 Very good playing condition - free blowing, solid...
  2. bobbyp

    Sold/Expired Bits and Bobs for sale

    Hi Folks! I've got a variety of bits and bobs for sale; Wessex CC Tuba Bought (i believe!) in 2012. Used for a few shows during 2012/13, but I haven’t really used it since apart from playing around at home. It’s a 4/4 size, copy of the Miraphone 186 CC tuba with five rotary valves. The...