1. S

    Sold/Expired Help with Tenor Horn gig cases.

    Hello, I currently have a Besson Soverign Tenor Horn and am looking into purchasing a gig bag. There is no set budget-am happy to buy an expensive case as long as its good quality and will last and protect my instrument! Ideally I need some space in it to carry music and a back/shoulder strap...
  2. Rebel Tuba

    Tenor Horn Gigbag

    I am looking to buy a Tenor Horn Gigbag and have found a seller on ebay selling a Styrofoam Baritone Horn Gigbag. I was just wondering if anyone can advise if this is a correct bag for a Horn or Baritone or if, indeed, they are moulded the same. The eBay code is 371249505070 If anyone can...