1. phildriscoll

    From The Bandroom, March 24th, Crofron Silver Band

    In “From The Bandroom” this month we’re just down the road in Fitzwilliam, at the Church Of The Resurrection, the home of Crofton Silver Band. Starting life back in the 1870s, the band have led a nomadic existence, and also spent thirty years as the Nostell Colliery Band before reverting to...
  2. phildriscoll

    From The Bandroom, Tuesday February 25th, Oldham Test Piece Runout Concert

    In “From The Bandroom” tonight we’re at the Waterhead Academy in Oldham at a test piece runout concert for the forthcoming area contests. Representing the 4th section, and playing ‘Neverland’ by Christopher Bond we have Stalybridge Old Band. For the 3rd Section we have the City of Chester band...
  3. phildriscoll

    From The Bandroom, Tuesday 28th January, Besses o' th' Barn

    In “From The Bandroom” this month we’ve braved a trip over the Pennines to visit one of the country’s oldest, and most famous brass bands, Besses o' th’ Barn. Established in 1818, the band moved into its present bandroom in the 1880’s. The band has had both Anrdre Previn and Sir Simon Rattle as...