1. Bruce Chidester

    Product Review- Hawk Flugelhorn with Case

    Here is my review of Hawk Flugelhorn. Based on a 5* rating Materials- **** Workmanship- **** Finish- ***** Mechanics- *** Valves- *** Weight- *** Feel- *** Response- *** Intonation- **** Threading on Valves and Valve caps- * Original Mouthpiece- * Case- * General comments- • 3 water keys...
  2. D

    Which Flugelhorn

    Hi, Upon looking on various websites, I have found a variety of Flugels that people seem to have very different views upon. With the outlook of a frequent player (and a view to play for many years to come), what would people's advice be on a decent Flugel. There is a secondhand bach 183 for...
  3. D

    Gear4music Flugel

    Has anyone tried the g4m Flugel? Is it any good? Flugel Horn by Gear4music at Gear4music.com Thanks
  4. J

    Sold/Expired Aqua Sulis Flugel Horn

    Silver Aquae Sulis Flugel Horn bought on a whim about 18 months ago and hardly used. Comes with great case but the zip on the case has broken so will need fixing. No mouthpiece included. £250 plus shipping at cost (buyer to select shipping method) or collection from WR11 7QF Photos here