1. A

    Wanted - Yamaha Flugel Horn

    I am looking for a second hand Yamaha 631g (maestro) flugel horn. If you have one gathering dust or surplus to requirements please let me know. Money saved, ready and waiting! Although a Yamaha is preferred, I would consider other makes and models. Drop me a message! Thank you for looking...
  2. A

    Sold/Expired Instument Swap/Part Exchange - Tenor Horn for Flugel

    I've stopped playing in brass bands but have recently starting doing some stuff with other groups. I've decided to let go of my B&H Sovereign tenor horn as sadly it is no longer being used. It's a early 1980s roundstamp model, fantastic instrument and still very highly sought after. However...
  3. westoe_horn

    Sold/Expired Looking for a second-hand Flugel

    Due to work and life commitments I am not getting the chance to play in a band at the moment. I am a horn player but I've had a think and have decided that I'm going to look for a second-hand flugel to practice at home, just to have some fun and try something a bit different. So if anyone has...
  4. blakeyboy

    Sold/Expired Geneva Symphony Flugel Horn (Lacquered) for sale

    Due to a change on to horn I'm now looking to sell my Geneva Symphony Flugelhorn in brass, it is around 8 months old and has a tiny nick in the bell lacquer that is not noticeable. Has both 1st and 3rd valve triggers and as the bore is quite large is produces a rich, dark tone. It is a cracking...
  5. J

    Sold/Expired Aqua Sulis Flugel Horn

    Silver Aquae Sulis Flugel Horn bought on a whim about 18 months ago and hardly used. Comes with great case but the zip on the case has broken so will need fixing. No mouthpiece included. £250 plus shipping at cost (buyer to select shipping method) or collection from WR11 7QF Photos here
  6. Flugelgeek

    Flugel player available after RAH National Finals, based in Luton.

    Hi! I'm moving to Luton for University in September but I'm playing for the National Finals in October for my band at home in the North East. Looking to dep on Flugel (cornet at a push?!) in the Luton area. The big problem is that I don't have transport so would either be relying on public...
  7. Flugelgeek

    Flugel player moving to Luton!

    Hi everyone! I don't really use TMP, but I am from a Championship band based in the North East of England, and I am moving to Luton for University. Although I am committed to my band at home for The National Finals at the RAH (because who would want to miss Spiriti?!), I am hoping to start...