1. j.williams7690

    Bilsdale Silver Band needs players!

  2. M

    Abbeydale variations. George doughty

    Does anyone have a copy of George Doughty's 'Abbeydale variation' for euphonium please?
  3. T

    Randefalk R3 & R3S euphonium mouthpiece (gold)

    I've got 2 goldplated Randefalk mouthpieces I'd like to get rid off. Please PM if intrested....
  4. J

    Wanted: Case for 1989 Besson 967 Euphonium

    I just purchased an old Besson 967 which needs some TLC to get it functioning again, and also doesn't have a case. Does anyone have a Besson or similar case that would fit this instrument that they would be willing to part with? Alternatively, any thoughts on cheap solid cases that would fit...
  5. Raymond Patrick 226607

    Hello - Just joined

    Hello, all. My name is Pat. I play trombone (was my major instrument in college) & euphonium (minor instrument). I've been playing them for 50 years & 42 years respectively. I'm thinking my trombone days might be over because of joint damage (shoulders, right wrist, lower back). I've had a...
  6. H

    Urgent Advice on how to improve range and clarity on highnotes

    Hello I'm new to this site and came here because i am in deseprate need of a quick way to improve not only my range but the clarity of my high notes. I play the euphonium and im in a highschool marching band. I'm looking to audition for our Jazz band but the audition piece contains a high E that...
  7. V

    Ross Town Band fresh start

    Ross Town Band has just appointed a new MD and is looking for players in all sections. We are a non-contesting, non-marching band that is serious about making music in a friendly atmosphere for the enjoyment and entertainment of both the players and the people of Ross. The band welcomes players...
  8. Sharpy

    Conductor/Trombonist Hampshire area

    Hi all, I'm moving back to the Hampshire area beginning of May and have got the brass band bug again! Ideally looking for a band to conduct or play with and 2nd section or higher. I've got loads of experience at all levels and my new job means I'll have time to do some brass band stuff again...
  9. W

    Brass Players Required for Walsall Band

    WALSALL BRASS BAND are looking for Cornets, 1st Baritone, 2nd Euphonium, Bb Bass.
  10. euphmag

    New euphonium CD - HUSTLE

    Hello all, My recent recording project track samples, please take a look and let me know what you think, welcome any feedback. Thanks, Mark
  11. C

    Absolute beginner torn between playing Baritone/Euphonium or Trombone

    I'm an absolute beginner in the music field -especially the brass part of it-, I want to start playing an instrument as a hobby (which means I'm going completely solo, no orchestras or bands.) I like both the Trombone and the Baritone/Euph, so I don't know which one to play. Do you think they...
  12. E

    Yamaha Neo Euph for sale

    I am retiring from regular banding and selling my Yamaha Neo euphonium. I'll be going to Stevenage on Sunday 18th and be happy to bring the euph for inspection. Otherwise, happy to sort it by email. I'm looking for £2500. for a quick sale.
  13. Bernard Williams

    Sold/Expired Euphonium (Four Valve) with case and valve oil in good playing condition

    Hi, I've got a rather surprisingly nice Gear4Music Four valve Euphonium on EBay (UK) until this Monday 8pm (Search Item number 112789268354 or the description title of this post - currently it's only about £200). It's all a matter of taste, but I do personally like the four valves in a row...
  14. A

    3 players require band for Whit Fridays

    Our band has decided last minute not to complete at the Whit Friday marches leaving myself and 2 others looking for a band (preferably travelling from or around the Northampton area). We currently play the following instruments in the Championship section: Horn Euphonium Baritone If any band...
  15. 1

    Looking for Sheet Music: The Acrobat, Midnight Euphonium

    Hi All, Sorry if this is posted under the wrong forum. But I'm looking for pdf solo parts for The Acrobat, and Midnight Euphonium, I had bought both of them but stupid me has left them at my dads house who can't them to me in time for when I need them :(, can anyone be of help?
  16. W

    Brass & Percussion Players

    A west Midlands / Staffordshire border town band are looking for Brass and Percussion players to build up their numbers i.e:Cornets, Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Bass and Percussion. For more details
  17. JeuNaturel

    Sold/Expired Wood mouthpiece 11C for Tenor trombone / Euphonium

    Jeunaturel wooden Tenor Trombone / Euphonium mouthpiece 11C small shank Tenor Trombone mouthpiece 11 C beech wood Jeunaturel This model provides a great flexibility from low to high pitch register with an easy response due to the medium cup volume and the well supporting rim ,perfect for a...
  18. W

    WALSALL BRASS BAND are looking for player

    Walsall Brass Band are looking for Cornets, Euphonium, Eb/Bb bass and Percussion. For details contact Roger or MOB:07954 158858
  19. bobbyp

    Sold/Expired Bits and Bobs for sale

    Hi Folks! I've got a variety of bits and bobs for sale; Wessex CC Tuba Bought (i believe!) in 2012. Used for a few shows during 2012/13, but I haven’t really used it since apart from playing around at home. It’s a 4/4 size, copy of the Miraphone 186 CC tuba with five rotary valves. The...
  20. D

    B&H Round stamp 967 Euphonium for sale

    Hi All, I have a B&H round stamp euphonium for sale. Refurbished (silver plated) and equipped with a main tuningslide trigger. The euph also has custom heavy bottom caps. Please send me a message if intrested..... Pictures and pricing available on request. email: