eeb bass

  1. DanBridgey

    Sold/Expired Yamaha yeb632uk maestro Eb bass for sale

    I have decided to sell my maestro as it just doesn't get the love and playing time it deserves anymore. I bought it brand new for £5999. It will need a service as I haven't played it for a while and it's most likely the valves will have seized. I am open to realistic offers. I am selling to...
  2. Amelia Jessie

    Sold/Expired Besson Sovereign EEb Tuba BE982

    Besson sovereign EEb Tuba BE982 model Inc. Dennis Wick Mouthpiece Besson hard case with inbuilt wheels Soft gig bag (needs handle resew) Marching strap Tuba stand Tuba is in excellent condition, with just a couple of dinks in bottom bow (which could be ironed out) With these extras and the...