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    Music display devices

    Some musicians now read their sheet music from IPADs, Android tablets or portable computers. On the good side the musician is able to have a large quantity of music at his/her fingertips and bands will be able to buy new paperless music at much cheaper prices than paper music. On the bad...
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    Music display device

    Perhaps some forum members can recommend a musical display device that can show two pages at close to life size. My old eyes are not as good as hey were and they will probably get worse so tiny little ten inch screens are no good for me. I know that there are Micky Mouse methods of jumping...
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    Music display devices

    A few guys now use an IPAD or an Android tablet for displaying their sheet music instead of using paper music. I want to follow their example but not until I can display two pages at full size at a reasonable price. A fourteen inch screen is required for displaying one page at full size but...