1. J

    Conn Victor 80A long cornet 1966 vintage

    Conn Victor 80A long cornet 1966 vintage On Ebay
  2. H

    Where can i find a case for a 1965 CONN Elkhart-ind USA Baritone?

    I think thats what it is, i cant find much identification on the instrument itself. Id love to use it in my concert band but am iffy about carrying it about without a proper case. I cant seem to find one for sale on the internet without the horn itself and i only need the case. If anyone knows...
  3. westoe_horn

    Sold/Expired Wanted - Conn 16E mellophonium

    This is an incredible longshot but....... For a number of years I've been hunting for a Conn 16E mellophonium. These are the unique horns that Stan Kenton used in his band in the 1960s and I've decided to step up my search for one so that I can do some non brass band playing. Ideally a...