1. ChrisHelme

    Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 29 November 2020

    Hello Brass Banders This show is continuing our musical journey through the decades. Having played our way through the 1950s, 60s and 1970s, we now arrive at the 1980s. Whilst some of the music has not stood the test of time many pieces have and are still being played today, over 40 years since...
  2. ChrisHelme

    Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 26 April 2020

    Hello Brass Banders Welcome to another two hours of brass band music from Sunday Bandstand produced and presented each week by Chris Helme. Another week in lock down and so far we don't know how many more weeks there are to go. Hopefully, whilst missing your brass band fix at rehearsals...
  3. K

    How to choose good music for a concert

    ok, I'm making a list of tips for choosing good music for a concert; feel free to extend it, contradict it, or comment on it. - Appreciate the importance of a good concert program. By choosing the right pieces, you can add so much to the concert without even practicing. Don't choose pieces...
  4. A is back online

    Due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal:mad:, facebook decided to close some of its api's including the one that used to find concerts around the world. The api's are still closed, but creativeness lives and I have managed to get the brass concerts out of facebook in another...
  5. S

    Breast Cancer Charity Concert - Bradwell Silver Band & Boobs and Brass

    On 30th September 2017, Milton Keynes will be host to Internationally renowned all-female band, Boobs & Brass in a joint concert with Bradwell Silver Band. Bringing together female players from across the country the band will showcase big-band numbers, raising money for Cancer Research in the...
  6. A

    Brass Band app on iOS and Android

    Hi all I finally succeeded in making an app for Brass Concerts You can download it here: iOS: Brass Band Concerts on the App Store Android: Brass Band Concerts - Android Apps on Google Play Any feedback would be much appreciated. Brass regards Arne
  7. M

    Midlands euph

    During the spring/summer I'll be more available for concert/contest depping again this year (fingers crossed) Euph player (will put in bari in emergency). Current band just moved down to 1st section. Ok to play Champ/1st (with rehearsal in case it's unknown dots). Lower sections should be...
  8. University of Salford

    Manger Folkehøgskule Brass Band Conducted by Margie Antrobus

    The Brass Band of Manger Folkehøgskule, Norway, conducted by Margie Antrobus, visit the University of Salford to perform an evening concert featuring a varied repertoire and several soloists.
  9. S

    All Aboard with Bradwell Silver Band

    Bradwell Silver Band invites everyone all aboard as they embark on a musical global journey when returning to their home parish of New Bradwell. The annual Spring Concert and Awards presentations will take place when the whistle blows at 7.30pm on Saturday 23rd April 2016. Musical Director...
  10. University of Salford

    Salford Uni Brass Band, Wed 28th Oct, Peel Hall, 1pm

    University of Salford Brass Band Conducted by Paul Holland Wednesday 28th October 1:00pm Admission: FREE Peel Hall, Salford The Crescent M5 4WT Parking available in Irwell Place carpark across from Peel Or pay and display infront of the hall