1. Brasspenguin

    Female brass band composers and arrangers

    Few women feature as composers of music for brass bands, It is a sad reflection of the male dominated band world that the relatively few works that do exist rarely seem to get performed in concerts. The contribution of women to the brass band movement cannot be understated, in the early days...
  2. S

    SBBA SWISS COMPOSERS COMPETITION - until 1st of September 2016

    The Swiss Brass Band Association (SBBA) is currently running a composers competition with the objective of promoting the creation of new concert music for brass bands. SBBA has always contributed to the extension of the repertoire for brass band by regularly commissioning new works and would...
  3. Somewhat Broken

    Sold/Expired Somewhat Broken Music Publishers

    New Brass Band Publisher Somewhat Broken Music is a new publishing company, set up by composer Benjamin Tubb, specialising in original music for brass bands to entertain your audiences. We publish original compositions as well as high quality arrangements for both types of ensembles. We publish...