1. m.f.cooper

    'New Christmas Praise' vs 'Christmas Collection' - A comparison of carol books

    A few years ago the Sally Army released another set of carol books under the name "Christmas Collection" [CC]. Considering many bands out there still use the "New Christmas Praise" [NCP] red books, I wondered how these two books compare. I went through each of the versions for my part (Eb...
  2. ChrisHelme

    Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 13 December 2020

    This week's show is Christmas music from over a dozen bands based overseas and just a few of the best home grown bands here in the UK. Some of the music you will have heard before but I am sure some of the pieces you may be hearing for the first time. If you have a favourite piece of Christmas...
  3. 4th Cornet

    New "Christmas Collection" books

    Has anyone here used the new Christmas Collection books yet? If so, what's your thoughts? Is it worth swapping or shall we stick with the the New Christmas Praise books (which I'm rather fond of) until they disintegrate?
  4. K

    Sold/Expired Holiday Music Available for Download

    Hi! Check out my holiday music at the link. Great for gigging this Christmas season! Christmas KFS Publishing Sheet Music & More At Sheet Music Plus
  5. L

    Sold/Expired Christmas carol medley for band available

    Hallo! Just to mention if you are looking for something jolly and festive for your Christmas concerts, can I recommend my Christmas Carol Medley, which is available on my page at Score Exchange? (If you click on 'scorch plug-in' you can 'play' it through to get an idea) A Christmas Carol...