1. J

    Wanted: Case for 1989 Besson 967 Euphonium

    I just purchased an old Besson 967 which needs some TLC to get it functioning again, and also doesn't have a case. Does anyone have a Besson or similar case that would fit this instrument that they would be willing to part with? Alternatively, any thoughts on cheap solid cases that would fit...
  2. H

    Where can i find a case for a 1965 CONN Elkhart-ind USA Baritone?

    I think thats what it is, i cant find much identification on the instrument itself. Id love to use it in my concert band but am iffy about carrying it about without a proper case. I cant seem to find one for sale on the internet without the horn itself and i only need the case. If anyone knows...
  3. bobbyp

    Sold/Expired Bits and Bobs for sale

    Hi Folks! I've got a variety of bits and bobs for sale; Wessex CC Tuba Bought (i believe!) in 2012. Used for a few shows during 2012/13, but I haven’t really used it since apart from playing around at home. It’s a 4/4 size, copy of the Miraphone 186 CC tuba with five rotary valves. The...