bass trombone

  1. C

    Holton TR181 double plug bass trombone

    Hi - I am selling my Holton bass trombone. It is only around 5 years old and not used much so is in really good condition. It has a 10 inch rose brass bell, two rotors and a yellow brass slide which has a fine action. Supplied with a 1G Bach mouthpiece and original hard case. Pictures here...
  2. W

    Basses Required

    Walsall Brass Band are looking for Eb or Bb Bass and Bass Trombone for a charity concert in aid of Alzheimers on Saturday 18th 7.30 pm start in Walsall, West Midlands / Staffordshire border town. For details or MOB:07954 158858
  3. M

    Sold/Expired Nieweg: Music For Bass Trombone

    A new publication for serious students of the Bass Trombone, and university pedagogues, music libraries. Nieweg - Music for Bass Trombone - A Reference Book of Works for Solo Bass Trombone with Orchestra, Band & Chamber Ensemble, compiled by Clinton F. Nieweg. Delivery Download or Mailed...
  4. W

    WALSALL BRASS BAND are looking for player

    Walsall Brass Band are looking for Cornets, Euphonium, Eb/Bb bass and Percussion. For details contact Roger or MOB:07954 158858
  5. C

    Bass Trombone Advice!

    I'm not actually a trombone player.... However, my fiancé is an insanely talented bass trombone player. He's been playing well over a decade and received his degree at UTA in Texas and now holds his Masters degree through the University of Michigan! Go Blue!! Anyway! Since I'm not as familiar...
  6. R

    Sold/Expired In the market for Bb/F Tenor Trombone or Bass Trombone

    I'm a Tenor Trombone player by trade but I'm looking for either a Bass Trombone or Bb/F Tenor trombone that will allow me to pick up Pit orchestra / show work. My budget is around £1000. I'm open to a good second hand instrument or could be persuaded otherwise after listening to members'...
  7. mr_nismo

    Derwent Brass invites applications for Bass Trombone

    Derwent Brass prides itself on maintaining a high playing standard in the Championship Section and sporting a full membership, whilst upholding a reputation for being a professional, modern and friendly band. We dedicate to one quality rehearsal per week and have similar objectives to make this...