1. j.williams7690

    Bilsdale Silver Band needs players!

  2. H

    Where can i find a case for a 1965 CONN Elkhart-ind USA Baritone?

    I think thats what it is, i cant find much identification on the instrument itself. Id love to use it in my concert band but am iffy about carrying it about without a proper case. I cant seem to find one for sale on the internet without the horn itself and i only need the case. If anyone knows...
  3. C

    Mercedes Bach Marching Baritone? Parts?

    Tiny bit of back story: I am an assistant in a horn repair shop in a large music store. I've been helping go through instruments that have been collecting dust on shelves for years and determining what's salvageable. I've played saxophone for 20 years so brass, while familiar to me, is rather...
  4. W

    Brass Players Required for Walsall Band

    WALSALL BRASS BAND are looking for Cornets, 1st Baritone, 2nd Euphonium, Bb Bass.
  5. C

    Absolute beginner torn between playing Baritone/Euphonium or Trombone

    I'm an absolute beginner in the music field -especially the brass part of it-, I want to start playing an instrument as a hobby (which means I'm going completely solo, no orchestras or bands.) I like both the Trombone and the Baritone/Euph, so I don't know which one to play. Do you think they...
  6. A

    3 players require band for Whit Fridays

    Our band has decided last minute not to complete at the Whit Friday marches leaving myself and 2 others looking for a band (preferably travelling from or around the Northampton area). We currently play the following instruments in the Championship section: Horn Euphonium Baritone If any band...
  7. 1

    Looking for Sheet Music: The Acrobat, Midnight Euphonium

    Hi All, Sorry if this is posted under the wrong forum. But I'm looking for pdf solo parts for The Acrobat, and Midnight Euphonium, I had bought both of them but stupid me has left them at my dads house who can't them to me in time for when I need them :(, can anyone be of help?
  8. H

    Harrogate Band - Cornet, 2nd Horn & 2nd Baritone players wanted!

    If you're looking for a change in banding career or simply want to join a great bunch of like-minded, sociable and really friendly people who are passionate about great brass music then why not drop us a line? We currently have vacancies for Cornets, 2nd Horn & 2nd Baritone however players...
  9. B

    Hey, newbie here

    Hi everyone! :) I'm in the Los Angeles, California area and of course, I'm in my school's marching band. I'm still a freshie, but I joined the forum so I could talk to people who have the same interests as me and also get some advice on my instrument. I'm actually a kid who specializes in the...
  10. F

    Baritone Solo for Grade 3/4

    Hi there, I am interested in finding a Baritone Solo for my Youth Band. The player is probably grade 4, maybe at a push grade 5. I would like to know what good solos there are out there? Any suggestions?
  11. DocFox

    Audition Suggestions

    I am auditioning for an open Baritone spot in the River Brass Band (US). I do not think I have any real competition, BUT, I want to put my best foot forward. Does anyone have a baritone/euphonium or even trombone (I read both treble clef and bass clef just fine) that is reasonably short they...
  12. Watford Band

    Watford Band

    Watford Band is a friendly, sociable, 4th section band with a wide variety of ages and abilities. We have a fantastic opportunity for a Principal Cornet to join our band. Our ideal player will be an accomplished player, who would help lead and coach our enthusiastic cornet section. We are also...
  13. W


    Walsall Brass Band are a new forming & at present non-competing band in Walsall a West Midlands / Staffordshire border town who are looking for more players to join them in all departments. Anyone who is interested please or TEL:01902 633270 MOB:07954158858