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    Obligatory Areas Rumour Thread (or What Would You Like to See at the Areas?)

    With the lower section Nationals just round the corner I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the Area pieces might end up being? This year is particularly interesting as there is much and more going on outside and within banding, and I can imagine lower levels of entry for many of the...
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    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    I seem to remember a thread like this last year so I thought I would try my hand and create one for this year's test pieces. I'll be playing Holst's First Suite at Stevenage and I'm largely unimpressed (as I imagine many 3rd section players/conductors are!) in its selection as a 3rd section...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    I'm making this post from a new account as, due to the sorry state of banding, I cannot risk jeopardising the integrity of myself or my band which is incredibly important to me. As many of you will be aware, lots of banders have sadly quit the hobby due to a disillusionment with the world of...