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    Music display device

    Perhaps some forum members can recommend a musical display device that can show two pages at close to life size. My old eyes are not as good as hey were and they will probably get worse so tiny little ten inch screens are no good for me. I know that there are Micky Mouse methods of jumping...
  2. L

    Sibelius type app/program for android (mobile phone)

    Hi all, I've been searching all over the web trying to find a halfway decent app or program that is very similar to Sibelius, but for mobile phones (Android not apple). I have been using sib 7 since its release, and I can't find anything out there that even comes close. Can anyone please...
  3. A

    Brass Band app on iOS and Android

    Hi all I finally succeeded in making an app for Brass Concerts You can download it here: iOS: Brass Band Concerts on the App Store Android: Brass Band Concerts - Android Apps on Google Play Any feedback would be much appreciated. Brass regards Arne