1. H

    Urgent Advice on how to improve range and clarity on highnotes

    Hello I'm new to this site and came here because i am in deseprate need of a quick way to improve not only my range but the clarity of my high notes. I play the euphonium and im in a highschool marching band. I'm looking to audition for our Jazz band but the audition piece contains a high E that...
  2. A

    Where to buy a new trombone

    Hi all. New to tMP, so apologies if this has been asked a million times before.. I'm looking to buy a new trombone, probably "professional" level, for my son. So I'm looking for a UK shop with a range of Bb/F Tenor and Bass troms that we can try out, and with staff who know what they're talking...
  3. Crotchet Burner

    Advice on instrument change

    Greetings bandspeople I have been playing soprano for a long time now with a couple of bands (4th section). I would like to play Eb Bass with another band. Is this a good idea? Is it possible to play both? I'm in my 60s if that's any help. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. S

    Sold/Expired Help with Tenor Horn gig cases.

    Hello, I currently have a Besson Soverign Tenor Horn and am looking into purchasing a gig bag. There is no set budget-am happy to buy an expensive case as long as its good quality and will last and protect my instrument! Ideally I need some space in it to carry music and a back/shoulder strap...