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    sop CDs: evans vs. roberts

    what do people think of these recordings? personally i think that Pete Roberts is miles ahead technically, but i have rarely heard anything so sterile - its like listening to a synthesizer at times. Evans takes risks and produces performances that i would love to be able to emulate, despite...
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    forwards or backwards?

    what direction is your playing going at the moment?
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    Yorkshire C.C.C.

    What a ****ing pitiful year this one has been. Not just really incompetent cricket, but also precious little heart or team spirit on display in most of the performances BUT I reckon if we can stay up in the championship and continue to be a hindrance to Lancashire in all competitions like...
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    Physiology and bandology

    I have been told many times (by reputable teachers) "the chops are like any other muscle - exercise every day and they will become stronger" and yet this appears to be a complete fallacy. For a start, the chops are not like any other muscle. More importantly, every athlete can tell you that in...
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    hiring a sop

    Does anyone know of a music shop that will either hire out or sell "on trial", a decent quality soprano cornet? New or second hand.
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    Why are cornet cases so badly designed?

    I'd love to own a cornet case that has the following features * is smaller and lighter than a euph case * looks like it protects the cornet better than a carrier bag would * has space for the basic mutes that all cornet players need nowadays (at least two, preferably three) * has space for a few...
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    solo/principal/1st terminology

    Does anyone know why (a) a horn section has solo and 1st, while other sections (baritone/euph/trom) tend to have solo or principal (depending on who you ask) and 2nd? (b) 2nd grade players all over the place now seem to think it is acceptable or even fashionable to refer to themselves as...
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    intonation on tenor horn

    I have a simple problem with my tenor horn playing - I always seem to be very flat when not playing fortissimo or fortississimo. The tuning slide has to be right out to really perfect the loud bits. Having spoken to some other horn players it seems that this is a very common problem, but the...
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    So you think you know contesting?

    name them piece 1 opening (cornets): DAAAAAAAAAA da da dagadaga TA TAAAAAAAAAA da da dagadaga DAA- tkt tkt tkt tkt tkt TA... piece 2 middle mvmt (horns) daaaa, daaaaaa, piyaa daa daaaaaaaaaa, daaaa daaaaa dooooooooooooo, spliiiit daaaaaa piyaaaa daa daaaaaa, daaaa daaa daaaa dooo-(trom: der...