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    Sold/Expired For Sale : VB24AW Tuba Mouthpiece

    Quick sale needed £40 inc P&P. The mouthpiece is in great condition has been washed after every use, no tarnish or chips in it, I would say as new condition.
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach 24AW mouthpiece FOR SALE

    As the title suggests I have a VB 24AW for sale, this is around 2 years old but has no chips or plating missing, it's always been washed after use and placed in the dish washer 1 a week so all is good. PM with offers over £50 plus £5 P&P. Thanks
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    Music Theory

    Whilst I was at school and indeed sixth form college I learnt alot on music theory through classroom lessons and extra lessons on Tuba. Now I haven't really practised the theory conciously for many years even though I have been playing so what music books could be recommended to me?
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    Band Rehearsals

    So last night was our band rehearsal, and I really struggled to get into it for a number of reasons 1, There was lots of stopping rather than playing a piece through and then looking at the detail 2, Quite alot of chatting during the stops 3, Hard day at work so I was tired 4, When I played...
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    New band in E Anglia needed

    Hey everyone I'm looking to join a band in the East Anglia region, however my problem is that I work late shift every other week and as can be seen from my signature I have a huge involvemnt with the Salvation Army whos rehearsal is on a Tuesday evening. I'm not a bad player so would be...
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    Help needed with finger flexibility

    I have always had trouble with finger flexibility ( semi quaver playing ), I've tried various things from playing scales to using different fingers on the valves. When I watch John Fletcher on Youtube playing the Flight of the Bumble bee his flexibility is incredible. Now it may just be that...
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    ISB at Norwich Citadel Salvation Army

    Saturday 25 September at 7:00pm Tickets £10 Balcony £8 Downstairs (£6 concession - downstairs) Sunday 26 September at 10:30am & 4:30pm Car parking available in multi-storey car park opposite Norwich Citadel Band 128th Anniversary Weekend We are pleased to announce that the famous...
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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Case

    Does anybody have an old case that would fit an old 3 valved Euph in? My 5 years old is desperate to learn tuba so I go him an old Euph which I got fixed up, however it doesn't have a case so wondering if anybody on here has an old case knocking around which I could have for a small fee as the...
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    Private Lessons

    I have recently been having private lessons from Les Niesh most recent one on Sunday just gone. The lesson went on for 2 hours and by the end of it my lip was well and truely hammered.:D He has made such a difference to me in such a short time and we have become good friends as well.:D Some...
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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Denis Wick 3L tuba mouthpiece

    Does anyone where I could get hold of the "old" shape DW 3L mouthpiece?
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    5 Valves

    Just looking around on the bay and came across this 5 valved tuba and wondered what the 5th valve did? My guess was that it would change the pitch of the instrument from Bb to C...
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    Favourite Solo pieces for Tuba?

    Our band is off to tour USA & Canada next October and I would like to do Celestial Morn by Leslie Condon, it's a cracking solo and probably one of my favourites. I also have a soft spot for the Andrew Mackereth arrangement of Swing Low. So what are other tuba players favourite solo pieces?
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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Silent Brass Mute...

    .... For a Eb Tuba, most prices considered. Many thanks Tubby
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    Bathed my tuba

    I'm just getting over man flu and thought it would be a good idea to give the tuba a bath, you know germs and all that. I am in the habit of shoving water through it every couple of months to keep the grot out however a got hot bath really got things moving, disgusting i know but I was...
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    Vincent Bach and Besson

    I have recently bought a new Bach 24 AW off Ebay. The chap I bought it off is also selling a tuba mouthpiece 24AW which he describes as a Vincent Bach which is now made by Besson. This is the first time I've heard of this so, am I completely out of touch or has he made a mistake in saying...
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    Tuba Lessons

    Well I've been having a few issues with my playing which I'm just not happy with. After a few suggestions from friends I booked some time with Les Neish. I met up with him last night and we had a good couple of hours together. Whilst it's early days he has helped boost my confidence already...
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    New or Second hand

    The tuba's in our band our 20+ years old Soverigns, which are a bit battered and tired. The question is do we get them refurbbed or by new possibly York's or Wilsons.
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    Christmas at the Salvation Army - Norwich

    Here is a list of Christmas Concerts at Norwich Citadel Salvation Army 7th December 18:30 - Christmas Joy featuring Norwich Citadel Band 14th December 18:30 - Carols by Candle Light featuring Norwich Citadel Songsters ( choir ) 21st December 15:00 & 18:00 Christmas Carol Service featuring...
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    Tuba player in Norfolk

    I play Eb tuba in the Norwich Citadel Band of The Salvation Army. I have helped bands of various ability ranging from Kings Lynn town band through to Matthews Norfolk Brass. I have the ability for all levels of playing so give me a shout if I can help I will.
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    Sold/Expired Practise Mute

    I live in a terraced house and because of this I am unable to practise when I want rather when the neighbours are not there. Does anyone have a practise mute maybe a Yamaha or something going cheaply?