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    Championships Rules & Regs-Help!!!

    Would someone be kind enough to point me in the direction of a webpage where I can read up about the competition rules & regs?I've had it explained by a friend & I kind of get it,but there's quite a bit I'm not clear on & if there's somewhere I can read up on it all then I'll be a bit more in...
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    Thank you :-)

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all their help and advice since I joined this forum,in terms of my tenor horn mouthpiece & cleaning advice. I'm now using a DW 2 mouthpiece which has helped my playing enormously,& I fixed the problem I had after cleaning my instrument (in terms of...
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    A belated hello :-)

    Hi everyone, I've been a member for a few weeks & totally didn't think of leaving a post in here... I played clarinet & tenor sax at school & music college,& did a bit of singing too.Through the years I've had many friends in the brass section who always said I should learn a brass instrument...
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    Tenor Horn Cleaning

    I've just given my tenor horn a thorough clean & having put the valves back into their chambers,I'm having some difficulty hitting certain notes,particularly the lower ones. The valves are in the correct chambers-they are numbered-so I know that isn't the problem,which one of my friends...
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    Tenor Horn Mouthpiece for a beginner?

    I've just started tenor horn lessons & I'm really enjoying playing. I asked my teacher about mouthpieces & she said the one I have on my tenor horn,which is a Weril,was fine-however I've been reading a lot in forums & on the web generally that different mouthpieces can make a difference to...