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    Thunderbirds publisher

    I am trying to source a 2nd horn part for Frank Bryce's arrangement of "Thunderbirds". Can anyone point me to the current publisher to see if I can obtain one? Thanks Alan Lafferty Bude Metric Brass
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    Transposing tenor clef to treble

    I am sure that this has been answered already, but I cannot find it using the tMP search engine. How do you transpose an old trombone piece written in tenor clef into treble clef? Alanl58
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    Cossack Patrol

    Anyone know where I can purchase a Sop Cornet and Drum/Timp part for Cossack Patrol?
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    The Cossack

    We have just bought a second hand set of this march from another band, but find that the last part of it seems to have different numbers of bars which don't fit with other parts. For example the 1st Trombone part has 29 bars between the last repeat and the end, whereas the 1st Baritone and...
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    Nezzy Cartoons

    A few years ago Nezzy Cartoons and mutant figures featured in the brass band world. Does anyone know if they still exist? The website has only links to other websites. Alanl58
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    Concorde March

    Some time ago we bought "Concorde March", by Robert Farnon, arranged for brass band by Allan Street, commissioned by British Airways, copyright 1975. Has anyone else played this? Anyone know the background? Quite a pleasant piece, with the melody mainly from the baris down.... Any...
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    Does anyone know a source of the music to "Zulu"? We have purchased the Obrasso Christian Jenkins version, but the MD would like the arrangement with "Men of Harlech". Any ideas to Title and supplier... Alanl58
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    Black and white

    Whilst I think the new site is great, I am having trouble reading dark blue characters against a light blue background. Is there any way I can change the appearance so that it reads black against white? alanl58
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    Goff Richards

    If you were to play a tribute to Goff at a Concert, what would it be? My choice? "Golden Lady", all sections play different themes, different keys, great sound.... alanl58
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    Training band help!

    I have been asked to take the Training Band on Monday, which for scales etc is fine, but feel I could introduce some easy ensemble pieces to build on syncopation. Question then: are there any downloadable, copyright free, easy ensemble pieces that I can use? Alanl58
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    Radio Two

    Well done Sale Brass Band on the Jeremy Vine show this lunchtime! Points made were just right (no tuition in schools, other distractions, lack of brass on BBC etc), though I doubt anyone will take any notice. Alanl58
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    Sold/Expired Maroon Jackets wanted

    Is your band about to buy new jackets? Bude Metric Brass are looking for second-hand maroon band jackets any sizes, but preferably larger. Contact Alan at:
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    Tubular Bells

    Has any band in Cornwall or Devon got a set of tubular bells that we can borrow for a Concert on Feb 20th? Or maybe tMpers know of a source where we could hire them? Any help gratefully received. Alanl58 Bude Metric Brass
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    Does anyone know of a brass band arrangement of the Pearl & Dean theme music, which I think is called "Asteroid"? Thanks Alanl58
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    A Band for Britain

    Anyone else heard that Sue Perkins is looking for brass banders to be at Speakers Corner on Monday at 6pm? This link is about her programme on BBC2 alanl58
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    tMp and eBay

    Sorry Mods, but I recollect a thread whereby band items on eBay could attract a donation to this site, or am I wrong? I am about to put some band jackets up for auction and thought it would be a good idea if tMp got some benefit as well, but I cannot find the link.... but then I am an eBay...
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    Mack and Mabel

    I have been trying to locate a source of "Mack and Mabel" which I thought was published by Studio Music, but is not listed on their website. I have tried the normally excellent search engine and this has not shown any results either. So can anyone find a supplier of...
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    Wellington Town Band on BBC SW

    Anyone else see Wellington Town Band being described on BBC1 SW Spotlight programme as "Too bad to play on the bandstand"? I thought the whole piece was bad journalism, since it was the public who marked perfomers in Wellington Park last year, and the lowest marked did not get invited back...
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    Queens Birthday Honours

    "David Vernon READ For services to Brass Band Music." Congratulaions for your OBE alanl58
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    Little Swiss Polka

    Has anyone got this march in their library? Can you have a look at the second and third cornet parts (ours are missing) and compare with the 1st & 2nd horn? I suspect they are the same, and a bit of transposition may make this piece playable again.... Alanl58