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    Is it ok to practice on an instrument that is not your normal instrument.

    Exactly my concerns thanks Nev, and I would be looking for more than keeping the lip in. I have plenty more practice to and improvement to do. Appreciate your response.
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    Is it ok to practice on an instrument that is not your normal instrument.

    Hi all, rubbish title and equally not a great question but here goes... I am having to work away pretty often at present and I am wondering if I get a plastic or pocket trumpet would this be ok to practice on. I play the cornet in brass bands and play trumpet on occasion in a community...
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    Advice on BBflat Bass

    I play cornet and the wife plays EEb Bass. I occasionally pick up her bass and I find it really difficult. My air which lasts so long on cornet just disappears in like a minim. I would be up for the challenge though and always enjoy a change. If my band wanted me to play something else I would...
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    Why is it so many people have stopped commenting on threads?

    Completely agree. Considering the small number of regular posters there are a few who like the wind up or are actually nasty. As a relatively inexperienced player who is trying to improve it puts me off posting often. I am however very grateful for the help I have received when asking questions...
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    Nice looking piece that Andrew. Listened to the MP3 and enjoyed. Have sent a link to my MD whom I think would appreciate it.
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    Delph Band: missing instruments from band room.

    I will keep my eyes open around my way and in the bands I play with. Very much a shame and I hope it gets sorted one way or another. Serial numbers are certainly needed though but I am sure you already know that by now.
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Many thanks all for the advice. I really appreciate it and this forums advice combined with my lessons and bandsmen local I should be sorted with the little areas I struggle with. It is nice to have the opportunity to ask the questions I forget about at lesson or get a different take on things...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Hi all, really helpful posts with thanks. I had thought earlier about some notation software to help with rhythm and how things are meant to go. I had put a post up asking about programs that could scan music in. I would love to option to input/scan a piece of sheet music and sound how it is...
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    I want a program that can scan and play sheet music

    Hi all, I would like a computer program that can scan and then play a piece of music. My reason is I hope this will help on difficult passages and allow me to know how something is meant to sound. Hope this makes sense. I don't mind if it is a phone app, computer program or what. This is a new...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Thanks Andrew for your post. I am practicing them slowly and trying to build up so pleased I am heading in the right direction. I have never however practiced techniques or skills as part of lessons or playing so was thinking I was missing something. I have only ever practiced actual pieces, not...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Hi all, I play for 2 bands and have recently moved up to the front row 4th seat in one of the bands. All is going well and I am enjoying it very much. There are a few pieces being played this year which I struggle a little with. Mostly rhythm and speed. If I play it myself it's not too bad...
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    Cheesy Music

    I am not sure what constitutes as "cheese" however I play for two bands, one band plays nearly all march's and traditional brass band music with an occasional modern ish/popular arrangement. The other band I play for plays mostly modern ish arrangements. The modern ish one is mostly the more...
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: John Packer 371 SW Cornet

    Thanks DS2014, it is a nice cornet I must admit and I will be sorry to see it go however I prefer the smaller bore of what I am playing at the moment plus as every other cornet is silver I was under pressure to use the silver one.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: John Packer 371 SW Cornet

    Hi all, I am selling my John Packer 371 cornet. This is the top of the John Packer range and is a nice instrument. I picked this up less than a year ago as an ex demonstrator and it is in really good condition. I picked up a Round stamp recently and am fond of that plus need to raise some funds...
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    Conducting Style

    I play currently for two bands. Both conductors are very different in many ways. Both are however good in there own ways although one is more up front and less tactful. I am ready to step in if and when the less tactful becomes even less so. What I find more amusing and interesting is the...
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    The Harder Chairs to ‘fill’.

    I would disagree that schools are happy to keep limited overlap. Locally schools are keen on all extra activities and although schools concentrate more on orchestral and concert banding this is because of the wider selection of instruments generally.(3 of us in our band are secondary school...
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    The Harder Chairs to ‘fill’.

    Very good point and I would love to know how to attract such players. I know one or two very good trumpet players for example but they have absolutely no interest in the brass band movement. Both bands I belong to are trying to recruit percussion and this is proving difficult. Both bands can...
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    Bass question

    My wife plays the Eb bass nicely and has pretty good sound and projection however when she swaps to the Bb she really struggles with projection and quality. Mostly the lower notes and in particular the pedal notes suffer.
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    The Harder Chairs to ‘fill’.

    Good topic. Around my area every band has no soprano player. Percussion is very hard to fill. Bass both Eb and Bb is not to bad although Bb a little harder to fill. There seem to be loads of cornets, horns, baritones and Euph's. Trombones are lacking a bit. These are all non contesting band I am...
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    What bands are playing at Butlins?

    lol, I had a different thought so thought I should ask. Anyway, having seen the drinking over the weekend plus the general accommodation and food fees I am sure it was very profitable for Butlins.