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  1. AndyCat

    Allen Vizzutti with Intrada Brass, Monday 14th October, Manchester

    In association with Yamaha Music and the Music Cellar, Preston, legendary trumpet soloist and clinician Allen Vizzutti is appearing with Intrada Brass (10 piece) on Monday 14th October. This is his only Northern public concert on his mini tour, and we're delighted to be involved! The venue...
  2. AndyCat

    Intrada Brass Ensemble, July 20th, Astley

    Intrada Brass Ensemble (Orchestral Brass line up) are presenting a concert on Saturday, July 20th, at St Stephens Church in Astley (M29 7BT). We are also launching our new CD, "Identity Crisis" at this event. There will be a varied programme of music, and our concerts are usually entertaining...
  3. AndyCat

    BBb Bass / Bass Trombone, North West, Any Section

    Name and contact details: Andy Cattanach. pm or 07957 477383 / Instrument(s) played: BBb Bass and Bass Trombone Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: I'll have a bash at any. How much notice do you require: Depends, worth a try anytime...
  4. AndyCat

    Lancashire Youth Band and Intrada Brass

    It would be lovely to see some support for the Lancashire Youth Brass Band, with guests Intrada Brass, at Chorley Town Hall on February 2nd at 7.30pm. The youth Band has seen some rough times in the not too distant past, but is now on the up again. Always looking for new members too!
  5. AndyCat

    Freckleton Band, 16th Dec, EEb or BBb Bass

    Due to illness, Freckleton Band need an EEb, or a BBb Bass if necessary, this Sunday (16th December). Lowther Pavilion, Lytham. 7.30pm start. Please pm if you can help, expenses provided.
  6. AndyCat

    Xylophonist for Grand Shield, 12th May, Blackpool (borrow)

    Hi all, we here at Freckleton have several percussionists signed, but none available to play the Xylophone part for "On the Shoulders of Giants" at the forthcoming Grand Shield contest, 12th May, Blackpool. We can borrow any player not playing in the contest already, or not signed for a band...
  7. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Bass Trombone mouthpieces for sale

    Hi all, Having a pre Christmas Clearout, and have come across 2 mouthpieces I never use. Both Bass Trombone: Jeff Reynolds L Marcinkiewicz George Roberts Model £30 each including UK postage, or both for £50. Cheque, Paypal etc. pm here if interested.
  8. AndyCat

    Freckleton Band, Cornets, 10th, 17th+18th December. Solo Trom + Perc, Sat 17th Dec.

    Freckleton Band need to borrow some cornet players to fill gaps at our 3 big Christmas Concerts. Back and front row. We also need a Solo Trombone and Percussion for Dec 17th. Saturday December 10th - Preston Guild Hall with Conductor Mike Fowles and Preston Orpheus Choir. 5pm rehearsal...
  9. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired For Sale - 4v Imperial BBb, 17" Bell, with case

    I'm selling my personally owned 4v Boosey and Hawkes Imperial BBb Tuba. It's in good condition, plays well in tune. I've had a modern mouthpiece receiver fitted, so it takes all "normal" mouthpieces, and it comes with a wheeled case, also in fair condition. I'm based in Preston, and am off...
  10. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Bach Strad 183 Flugel

    Our band has a spare flugel, so we're selling it. I've posted lots of photos on facebook highlighting every little blemish. Overall it's in good nick, and the case is like new. Comes with mouthpiece. Players welcome to try it, and we're asking £950 firm. Cheapest new, even with discounts, is...
  11. AndyCat

    Ex Lancashire Youth Brass Band members

    Hi all, If there are any ex Lancashire Youth Brass Band/Young Lancashire Brass members on here from 1980-present, could you please pm me? We're planning something big....
  12. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Amati/B+S/Cerveny BBb Rotary tuba

    I'm selling my 3 rotary valve Cerveny/Amati/B+S tuba, as it's taking up too much room, and I don't get time to play it! It's in good condition, is very light to carry compared to a Besson/Imperial and makes a huge noise once you get used to it! Photos at...
  13. AndyCat

    Date for RNCM Festival 2012?

    Can anyone tell me when the January RNCM Festival of Brass is next year, 2012? I'm trying to avoid clashes with that and Butlins for an event! Thanks.
  14. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Wanted - 19" bell Imperial BBb

    I'm after a 19" bell Imperial BBb bass, and I bet there are several lying unused in bandrooms around the country! If anyone knows where there is one hiding, please pm me. Cash / trade / whatever available!
  15. AndyCat

    Le Carnaval Romain - Errata or newer score?

    We're playing off an ancient version of Carnaval Romain, and I wondered if there had been a later printing of the same arrangement? The Bass and Euph parts are wrong on the one we have, clearly not matching the orchestral version at one specific point, but I don't know if we dare play at as...
  16. AndyCat

    Solo Trombone, Colne with Freckleton 18th Dec TOMORROW evening

    Can anyone help? We have a concert at Colne Municipal Hall Tomorrow night (Saturday 18th Dec) with Nelson Arion Male Voice Choir, and need a solo trombone. Is anyone available? PM or reply here please!
  17. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Wanted - Cinderella (La Cenerentola) arr Parkes

    Is anyone able to lend us a set of Cinderella (La Cenerentola) arr Parkes rather quickly? We've found it's out of print but desperately need it!
  18. AndyCat

    Sold/Expired Want Rotary Tuba - will Trade or borrow!

    I would like to get my hands on a Rotary tuba, preferably BBb but EEb if not, either to borrow for a while or to trade for a B+H 4v Imperial EEb (15" bell, Satin, fair condition, 1974ish). If anyone has any pointers, get in touch on here
  19. AndyCat

    Douglas Yeo / Natural State Brass Band / Freckleton Band June 27th 2010

    On Sunday 27th June, 2010, at 7pm, the Freckleton Band is hosting a Grand Charity Concert with very special guests the Natural State Brass Band from Arkansas, USA, and their guest soloist, Douglas Yeo. Proceeds will go to Trinity Hospice and the Lifeboat Association. Doug is the Bass Trombonist...
  20. AndyCat

    Rococo Errata?

    Is there an errata for Rococo Variations? We seem to find possible mistakes/score discrepancies at every rehearsal!