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    Arranging for Concert Band

    I have done a few original compositions of brass band (good quality concert items) and I wondered if anyone had any tips for arranging them for concert band. I have a vague idea of how to do it but any advice/info from anyone experienced in this would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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    Radio Two

    I am a brass peri (although the term 'peri' is now extinct!) in a borough that is not heavily brass orientated. We do have a junior brass group but intermediate and senior ensembles are both wind/concert bands. I trully believe that the opportunities for children to learn any brass instruments...
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2009

    I've scrubbed that line out temporarily!!! To all those that think I'm only complaining about my own section please read my previous comments! I am disappointed with the adjudication across 3 of the sections I heard bands in. It is natural to assume that I am anooyed with my own result but...
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2009

    I now draw a line under my comments.... I am experienced enough to know that it is contesting!!!! Roll on next year!
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2009

    I don't think it really matters which band I play for....if you read carefully I said the standard of adjudicating had been bad across the sections!!! Its easy to say positive things when your band has a good result and those of us who want to vent frustration after a good performance and a bad...
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    Midlands Regional Championships - 2009

    I am going to keep this brief.... A lot of people have commented to me about the results as a whole over the weekend. A few shocks no doubt but the overall standard of the adjudication was poor to say the least. The general comments for my band were we didn't play the rhythms that were written...
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    Regionals 2009: First Section Test Piece: Pentacle, Graham Cole

    I was definitely not a fan of this piece....I believed it to be too clever for its own good...HOWEVER I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of content in this piece. There are some fantastic sounds hidden within this music....the 2nd movement has some amazing writing. The last movement...
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    We didn't get slated for these things though!!! Tempo was mentioned several times!!! Its so baffling!!!! I LOVE CONTESTING!!!!
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    I agree entirely with your comments and the point I was making about it being subjective is obvious BUT.... in the 1st section which has a large number of bands there has to be some continuity within the marks. I don't believe our remarks sit with the performance we gave. Surely the...
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    I don't want to be misunderstood. I don't believe we were the best band in the section but I do feel that our placing did not reflect our performance or indeed the performances of the bands drawn around us. Contesting is VERY subjective, but I think it is time to make available some...
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    May I say congrats to the qualifiers for the Nationals. I wish them well!! I am a little perplexed with banding at the moment. I would consider myself an experienced brass bander having played at a high level of banding for a number of years and have competed in all sections in the Midlands...
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    Pontins 2006

    Firstly, can I say well done to the Bands that fininshed in the prizes of the Champs section. Secondly, I am fortunate to play in a band that has a great team spirit, good players and an extremely hard working MD. We will never be up among the top eschalons (?) of banding and I myself as...
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    The Band of West Mercia Constabulary

    Hi Dai If I can help out in the mean time with anything drop me an email and I'll reply asap!!! Craig
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    4BR rankings

    Rankings are pointless!!! Who even cares if band 'X' are no 1 or band 'Y' dropped out of the top 200. Brass banding is about contesting, qualifying and getting drunk in the bar afterwards! Thats surely why we do it ??!!