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  1. Andrew Norman


    Hi Paul this is a Brass Forum so you are unlikely to get useful advice on Saxophones however for what it's worth, Chinese instruments are now much better than they used to be and anything that Conn/Selmer put their name to will be better than the cheaper unbranded models. A secondhand American...
  2. Andrew Norman

    Boosey & Hawkes '78' made in England

    The 78 was very much a beginners model.
  3. Andrew Norman

    The Parachute Regiment regimental march

    Try contacting The Librarian at Kneller Hall, that used to be the best way to obtain copies of Regimental and Corps Marches. There are contact details at the bottom of this page Royal Military School of Music
  4. Andrew Norman

    Euphonium to Eb Bass

    Wessex are excellent value
  5. Andrew Norman

    Tenor Horns with Slide Triggers??

    I don't think any of these are compensated.
  6. Andrew Norman

    Pulling the Third Slide ?? Low Brass.

    Not exactly "On Topic" but whilst browsing I came across this article about one of the Finest Tuba Players who (probably) never played a Compensated instrument. I found it an interesting read... hope you do too...
  7. Andrew Norman

    "We've had no beer, we've had no beer today," Lyrics please

    Number 46 in this OH IT'S A LOVELY WAR SONGBOOK | Samuel French
  8. Andrew Norman

    Suggestions for music with little to zero percussion?

    Most of my music at will work without any percussion. Any "Rythmic" tunes will always benefit from a decent kit player but it is not always essential. Feel free to email me if you need any advice on suitability
  9. Andrew Norman

    Struggling to play F horn with braces

    What mouthpiece are you using ? The Bach and Yamaha mouthpieces tend to be rather narrow rims. If you can find a Neill Sanders they have a wide rim which may be more comfortable - although at a slight loss of flexibility. PHC (Paxmah Halstead Chiddell) mouthpieces also have wide rim options.
  10. Andrew Norman

    Struggling to play F horn with braces

    Playing F Horn is hard enough. Playing with braces is even more difficult. You will struggle. The advice that I give to my pupils is to play what you can and not to worry. When your braces come off playing will be easier again. Good luck. PS I know my profile photo shows me playing Cornet but...
  11. Andrew Norman

    Help needed with mouthpiece id

    Indeed the G22 was supplied with B&H cornets in the 1980s as I recall it was stamped on several different models and I don't think the number/letter meant anything other than that it would fit a cornet. If it works for you - use it !
  12. Andrew Norman

    Thank you Mr Sparke

    In my ,humble, opinion, the ability to write for those of us at the lower end of banding and still provide music which is satisfying, listenable and which provides enough of a challenge without being beyond reach, is a true skill - much easier to write for those who you expect to be able to play...
  13. Andrew Norman

    Thank you Mr Sparke

    This summer my non-contesting band has been using A Malvern Suite as part of its concert programme. Such a well crafted piece for both band and audience. Each time we've performed it I have meant to post a "thank you". Last night we spent an evening rehearsing Saint-Saens Variations and for the...
  14. Andrew Norman

    cory's britpop brass

    Recording date is shown as 27/08/17
  15. Andrew Norman

    Marching in glasses

    A really interesting thread (although I gave up marching at 21). Good to find an Optician offering a specialist service for musicians - something I will be pleased to share with others.
  16. Andrew Norman

    Missing part - "Salute to Jolson"

    [ We play a concert each year at a Traditional Jazz Festival in Monterey, California. At this annual event, we play 3 - 4 pieces from the repertoire used by Traditional Jazz Bands; these are most often popular tunes from about 1918 - 1930 or 1935, and they're pieces that are familiar to our...
  17. Andrew Norman

    Missing part - "Salute to Jolson"

    I think this is still sold by Studio Music. they are very helpful and if you email them I'm sure they will be able to get you a copy of the missing part.