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    Little help for a bass player?

    I play EEb most of the time. If I am needed to play double B I have a blow before hand as I find my pitching is all wrong. I find the notes seem closer together on a double B. However if I do start playing the wrong note I just keep going as I'm sure my band wouldn't notice much...
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    Best Tuba Player?

    Partick HARRILD is an absolute gentleman. He has a clear full sound and makes the TUBA sing. He can play any note that you choose at any volume and it will be perfect first time. He is a fantastic teacher and is able to help with what ever problems you have got. His teaching techniques are...
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    What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

    I play on a Bach and find it OK, better than a wick. I would like to be able to go somewhere for a day and try all the other mouthpieces on offer though. It would be good if you could try some differant makes of Tuba at the same time. This way you could get a real comparision. At present...
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    South Glamorgan youth brass bands in the 1980's

    Are any of you former members of the South Glamorgan Youth Brass bands from the 1980's. The only conductor I can remember is Dewi JONES. :?: There used to be about four brass bands which met in Cardiff city center on a saturday morning. There was also some sort of youth orchestra that...
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    Good Bands near Portsmouth

    Dear all, I am looking for a non SA brass band near Portsmouth (within 20 miles or so) to play in. I can knock out a decent tune on Euphonium or EEb Tuba and have been playing for about thirty years. I would also be interested in joining a brass quintet in the same area but have...
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    unbelievable outbursts

    I was once in a proffesional band where the conductor regularly had feet stamping and batton snapping episodes. I found it quite funny and sometimes would find it hard not to laugh :lol: . However when I couldn't help laughing I was inverible caught by the conductor which made him worse and even...
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    Who is the finest Welsh SA Cornet player?

    Top taff cornet players I currently only know two welsh SA cornet players. Carl SAUNDERS of Canton and Deryck JONES of Gosport, Hants. In my humble opinion, Carl just about has the edge because of his tone and Stamina. KEEP GOING DERYCK!