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    I thought it was a play more than a musical... hmmm... And yeah, i believe we had something t do with it when it hit liverpool. maybe. Wasnt around at the time but ive heard in passing. But anyway, I love Rocky Horror and have the T-shirt to prove it. After thatthings like Oliver...
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    Christmas presents

    A poster A cute ickle scarf thing thats a teddy bear :) hard to explain. Some day of the week socks. Bob the Builder bubble bath. 3 kinder Eggs. And abit of money from my gran and uncle.
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    What's your Christmas name?

    Cutie Holly-Elf wishes you all a merry christmas :)
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    How much is your soul worth!!

    Your soul is worth £21163. For your peace of mind, 46% of people have a purer soul than you.
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    manchester and district contest

    Good one Rick :) I shall have a drink for ya tonight. :guiness
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    Hehe. I learnt that too after depping on bari one summer. Since then i played the bari part with them... I quite like this piece, probably more because it was a laugh to play because we did a standupsitdown thing. I really dont like playing "One Voice" And yet it seemed a favourite. In summer...
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    Happy Birthday tMP

    Yey! Happy Birthday!
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    Who's going to the RNCM International Tuba/Euphonium Event?

    Id forgotton about that! Yeah, that one was funny :) Especially the introduction trying to explain how it all came about. :lol: :lol:
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    Your Most Embarrassing (Not Band) Moment

    SO that would be in Bridlington this summer with s group of mates. We'd been to the pub and decided to wonder back to the house we were staying in along the beach (can you see where this is heading?) We then thought (ok, so i thought) it would be a great idea to try paddling... and i fell...
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    Who's going to the RNCM International Tuba/Euphonium Event?

    Huh?? Tipsey again dear? And sadly I missed the Huddersfield brass people and the getting drunk in the bar bits. Got there a bit late on the sat, and had to dissapear back to liverpool on the sunday evening...
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    Are bands better in Yorkshire ?

    Surely if it had an overall better standard the overall playing would be better because only a cirtain number of bands can move up/down every year cant they? (having never played in a contesting band this is the impression if gained anyway) So there should still be a similar number of bands...
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    Playing outside your "patch"

    My old band played all over yorkshire and lancashire, especially over the summer in various parks and carnivals and things. Plus we have been futher afield in Britain and Europe, but much less commonly. eg this summer we went to Germany, and this time last year we played for the Remembrance...
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    Blowing on December 25th?

    I think I am. It was mentioned in the terms of the loan of my instrument i believe, but I did it last year anyway, and am looking forward to this year. Just a small group of us went around the terraces and played in the square aswell, then onto an old people home. This year it might not...
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    How does he do it????????

    He stops time doesnt he? Thats what I always assumed. Then he can just amble round the world at his own rate, and why you never can catch him at it. But more to the point, surely hes more than a bit tipsey from the 91.8 million brandies left out for him!
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    Who's going to the RNCM International Tuba/Euphonium Event?

    I went, and I was quite amazed to be honest. I was there on my own during the days and I was expecting them to drag by, but the whole thing flew by with the quality of the music! Highlights have to be: (apart from it all of course!) :arrow: Tormod Flaten :arrow: Peter Meechans stuff...
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    Purely coz i'm bored, i wanna here Dyke play......

    Re: oh dear!! You know its true! Any yeah, that would be cool :)
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    Who's going to the RNCM International Tuba/Euphonium Event?

    Im going, or at least my mother should be buying the tickets fingers crossed. Dragging myself back from Uni specially for it, oh, and obviously to see my family as well :S
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    Back in time

    I get an extra hours sleep before getting up in time to leave at 6 for the Top Up fees demo in London. Joy. :D
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    Finding Nemo

    We're meant to be going to see it tomorrow! FIngers crossed. My Physics lecturer is in Iran for the week so we're going to the cinema instead of the 3 hour practical to celebrate!
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    give blood today

    My third donation will be a week on wednesday. Its always been something i thought was important to do, and i try and drag as many friends along as I can aswell.