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  1. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Northamptonshire

    After filling nearly all our vacancies Raunds Temperance Band are pleased to say that we now only require a Bb Bass for the forthcoming Area Contest and beyond. Anyone who is interested in a change, or want to help us work towards promotion back into the First Section should contact Robin...
  2. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Northamptonshire

    We have now filled the Cornet seats and the Bass Trombone but have an opportunity on the Euph/Bari line for the area contest in March. Anyone who is interested in a change, or a step up to a Solo Euph chair contact Robin Norman, MD, through the tMp message facility or on 07775 717228 in the...
  3. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Northamptonshire

    Raunds Temperance Band have the following vacancies from January 2015. - SOLO CORNET - EUPHONIUM (Solo or 2nd, current solo player willing to move down for right person) - BASS TROMBONE Are you looking for a new challenge, or is twice a week becoming too much? We are a friendly, yet...
  4. Robin Norman

    Robin Norman to step down as MD of Raunds Temperance Band

    Robin Norman to step down as Raunds MD It is with sadness that Raunds Temperance Band announces the resignation of Robin Norman as their full-time Musical Director after a successful 5 years in the role. Robin commented on his decision "After 5 tremendous years with Raunds Temperance Band I...
  5. Robin Norman

    Tuba Marching Straps/harnesses

    Hi All, It looks like, after getting out of it for so long, I will be undertaking some marching soon. My tuba has the marching rings but after suffering with a bad abck in the past I'm a little concerned. I wondered if anyone had any experience of the Tuba 'harnesses' such as Neotech. I know...
  6. Robin Norman

    Bands in the Detroit Area

    Hi everyone. in a couple of weeks I' taking part in a teacher exchange to The Detroit area of America (Berkley). Just wondering if there are any brass bands in that area who may be happy for me to pay a visit if I can organise it. Would be great to see an American band and to talk to members...
  7. Robin Norman

    areas 2014

    London Overture, a classic from Mr. Sparke that would be a good test. For the First Section though, how about these suggestions :- Fantasy for Brass Band (Arnold) - 40th Anniversary, written in 1974 Symphony of Marches (Vinter) - 50th Anniversary, written for areas in 1964 Just throwing these...
  8. Robin Norman

    Principal Cornet - First Section Band in Northamptonshire

    Following the announcement of the departure of our long-standing principal cornet, Christian Overhead, Raunds Temperance Band ('The Temps') are inviting applications for the position. Raunds Temperance are a First Section band that rehearse on Tuesday nights from 8-10.15pm in Raunds...
  9. Robin Norman

    Raunds announces departure of principal cornet

    RAUNDS ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE OF PRINCIPAL CORNET Raunds Temperance Band have announced the departure of their Principal Cornet, Christian Overhead, after 13 years with the band. The band's performance at the Midlands Regional Championships in March will be his final appearance. Christian joined...
  10. Robin Norman

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Raunds played Saga of Haakon the Good in the First Section, coming 9th (chuffed with that ahead of our promotion from January) and then Vitae Aeternum in the Second where we came 8th (and last). Really disappointed with the second section result as we thought we played well but Mr. Baker didn't...
  11. Robin Norman

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    We came 9th, chuffed with that on our first First Sevtion run-out. Now waiting to play in the Second.
  12. Robin Norman

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    Hi Ian. As I understand it Chris is right, Brackley and Bedworth. Think the third one was South Yorkshire Police. See you on Sunday.
  13. Robin Norman

    Please consider signing my Downing Street e-petition.

    Dear All, My apologies for invading your TMp space but something has been bothering me for a while; mainly the number of high caffeine energy drinks I see youngsters consume on a daily basis. What amazes me is that there are no age-ratings on these drinks, many of which contain extremely high...
  14. Robin Norman

    Brass Band Arrangements of Pop Songs - Your Opinions!

    On the topic there are some great arrangements of pop songs, usually with a different twist (e.g. Mssrs Harper, Sparke et al) but there is an awful lot of 'drivel' which just churns out tunes on Cornets and 'oom-chas' on everyone else. But even these have their place for bands who want 'fillers'...
  15. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Midlands Vacancy

    Raunds Temperance are looking for just a couple of players to complete our line-up for the end of 2012 and into 2013. Following a successful 2012 so far we are promoted back to the First Section for 2013 and have a number of great concerts lined up around Northants as well as a couple of...
  16. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Midlands Vacancy

    The 'Temps' are so nearly up to full strength. After a successful showing in the 2011 area contest and a highly respectable 7th place at Butlins this year we are really pleased to have welcomed many new faces to the band ahead of our area contest on March 11th where we hope to improve on our 3rd...
  17. Robin Norman

    Raunds Temperance Band - Midlands Vacancy

    After a successful showing in the 2011 area contest and many new members choosing to join us we are very nearly at full strength. To complete our line-up we are just looking for a couple of Cornet players, a Sop and a Bb Bass. Front or Back Row Cornet players welcome as there is a chance of...
  18. Robin Norman

    Norfolk Wind Orchestra - New Concert 'Wind' Band in East Anglia

    I was thinking the same thing last night to be honest, not exactly helpful from bariwizard. To respond to your post Par10 the rehearsals are the 'getting together' bits, the plan is that when we get the whole things up and running regularly after the opening session music will be sent out in...
  19. Robin Norman

    Norfolk Wind Orchestra - New Concert 'Wind' Band in East Anglia

    Hi All, I'm involved in the organising committee of a new Concert 'Wind' Band based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. This is a new group that is starting aiming to play higher end wind band works. Membership of the band will be open to any players (Brass, Woodwind or Percussion) over the age of 18...
  20. Robin Norman

    Audacity - free recording programme

    Audacity as a program is fine John. The only problem I had was the situation with only getting a mono recording, might have been the settings but I just couldn't sort it. A decent audio interface would no doubt help though. I got round it in the end by buying a small handheld digital mp3...